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Tally 7.2 has Retired - Presenting Tally 9


Technical Support for Tally 7.2 has been discontinued as on 31st Dec 2007.

No Product & Statutory enhancements will be available in future for Tally 7.2

Now! Experience the amazing speed of new technology to power your business transactions.

Advancements in technology today are fast paced. As you are aware, the current version Tally 9 Rel 2.1 is already two generations ahead of Tally 7.2 (in fact, Tally 8.1 itself is now over 19 months old, and also at the end of its supported life).

With each generation change, our ability to sustain good quality support reduces - as key personnel remain focused on the newer technology platforms. In fact, even the tools required to create updates and releases are no longer available - and the ability to diagnose and repair problems found in older technologies becomes non-existent. For example, several minor problems discovered in Tally 7.2, after Tally 8.1 and Tally 9 were launched, have remained unresolved due to these constraints - even though these problems no longer exist in Tally 9.

We have always prided ourselves on working on next generation technology to deliver cutting-edge business solutions. As hardware and software platforms keep changing, the need to keep the product adapting to these changes becomes critical. Moreover, as the business environment and methods of doing business evolve, more and more work needs to keep happening to keep our solutions relevant for you.

These can only happen by continuously phasing out old technologies to make way for newer ones.

What should you do?
Switch to Tally 9 Release 2.1

Tally 9 Release 2.1 is INCREDIBLY FAST. Even if you have modest volume of data, or use only some minor features of Tally, this speed gain will give a great productivity boost to your company.

Tally 9 Release 2.1 also brings an exceptional ability to export ANY report into MS Excel format. This greatly eases your ability to work with reports in other environments, including sending reports for easy reading and editing by others.

Over and above this, Tally 9 Release 2.1 allows you to experience comprehensive Multi-User capabilities by adding Single User licenses on a LAN. This is a tremendous boon for small organizations (with just 2 or 3 occasional users), as well as executives who need a license of Tally on their laptop (earlier versions of Tally Single User would not work properly on a LAN environment – since it was designed to work on a single machine).

Basically, our endeavor to bring the benefits of the latest technologies to our users has enabled us to launch Tally 9. A network of teams in Tally has worked tirelessly on Tally 9 with customer feedback and extensive research. All this with a single goal of giving our customers, a dynamic and ever evolving Business Solution that is more stable, secure, having immensely enhanced performance and advanced features.

Now! Experience the amazing speed of new technology to power your business transactions.



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