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Tally - Statutory


Features of VAT in Tally ies 9

VAT is completely integrated with Tally 9. The VAT functionality in Tally 9 supports the following features, making it easier for computation:

  • Quick & easy setup
  • Fast & error-free voucher entry
  • Pre-defined list of sales & purchase classifications
  • Complete tracking of each transaction till annual returns
  • Printing of Tax invoice
  • VAT computation report
  • Better VAT-returns management
  • Monthly Return


Service Tax

Service tax integrated in Tally 9 takes care of your service tax transactions. It eliminates error-prone information, incorrect remittance, penalties, interests, compliance issues, etc. Service Tax in Tally 9 needs a one-time configuration for service tax features to be activated.

  • Tally tracks bill-wise (bill-by-bill) detail and automatically calculates service tax payable and input credit with the flexibility to make adjustments later.
  • Service tax is part of a regular transaction. Information on service tax is maintained and produced category-wise, which is mandatory in service tax returns.
  • Adjusts input credit towards service tax payable.
  • Accounts for abatement and expenses.
  • Provision for exemption notification details.
  • Built-in assessable value feature on which service tax is calculated.
  • Transfer earlier pending service tax payable and available service tax input credit in to Tally
  • Reports are generated as per government suggested format. Print and file reports: TR6 Challans, Input Credit Form, ST3 Report and ST3-A Report.
  • Management Information Services (MIS) reports: Service Tax Payable Report and Input Credit Form


The TDS functionality in Tally supports the following features:

  • Simple and user-friendly.
  • Quick and easy to set up and use.
  • Accounting for tax on partial/full payment of bills.
  • Flexibility for auto and manual calculation of TDS.
  • Complete tracking of each transaction from deduction to payment.
  • Challan management and printing for prompt and accurate filing of tax.
  • The Auto allocation feature prevents error-prone data entry and helps track the transactions faster.
  • Form 16A management:
    • Can be printed for a transaction
    • Can be printed for a period
    • Can be printed yearly
  • Allows multi-party printing
  • Exporting of data in NSDL compliant TDS file format.
  • Electronic format (e-TDS return) with Form 26Q, Form 26 , Form 27 and Form 27A which will be validated by the utility, provided by the government.
  • Generates Form 16A, TDS Challan, TDS Computation and TDS Payable reports.



Excise For Traders

  • Generation of Excise Invoice for Trader
  • Tracking of Purchase Invoice during sales and ability to pass on Cenvat Credit
  • Generation of Quarterly Returns (Form 2)
  • Generation of Excise Stock Register (RG 23D)

Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)

  • Accounting for FBT
  • Computing FBT Payable
  • Generating Challans (Quarterly )
  • Filing FBT Returns (Yearly)
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