Tally ERP 9 Solution
  • Antraweb is very much like family and we are associated with them since 2003. They have a very good support and implementation team. Being with Antraweb has been a great journey. The department-wise Enterprise structure is very good. If anyone wishes to implement Tally, they must go for Antraweb as they are the best as far as Tally is concerned.

    Mangesh Naik (Sr. Deputy Manager) – Aarti Industries

  • We are associated with Antraweb since 1999 for Tally, we tried using other ERP softwares but settled for user friendly Tally and are now developing e-suite with them as per our needs. Past 14 years, our experience with Antraweb has been very good. We wish them all the best.

    Vinay Pawar (Manager Accounts) – Suvidha Engineering India Ltd

  • Since last 6 years, we are using Antraweb’s Annual Support Contract. Because of their great support, when our management decided to go for an ERP, our first choice was Antraweb. We have done customizations with them and are now developing E-Suite. A very supporting team. We are happy with the support and wish them good luck for future.

    Pravin Jadhav (IT Manager) – Eurocoustic Products

  • We started using Tally nearly 4 years back and are associated with Antraweb since then and I can happily say that the services have been covered nicely. Antraweb’s executives have visited and given demonstrations on cheque printing and various other topics which is really very helpful as it has reduced human efforts. Antraweb has been very co-operative. Whenever we call, they come personally or they give online services. Thanks to the team, we are really happy working with them.

    Amol Jha – Nilkamal Ltd.

  • Worldwide we have implemented SAP but in India it would have taken at least 6 months to 1 year and hats off to Antraweb, we had the first cut out within 2 months. Exceptional support given by Antraweb. Only in India as a subsidiary, we do serial number scanning for stock in and out. Nobody had thought about this process and with Antraweb, we could achieve this. The backend team’s support is tremendous. With their support we are able to do all our work well on time.

    Yusuf Cementwala (IT & Corporate Affairs) Olympus Imaging Pvt Ltd

  • The solutions provided by Antraweb are very helpful. I get immediate help. Whenever I face any problem, I call Antraweb and get help immediately. Especially their online help is very useful. In this way I am very happy with Antraweb’s services. Even after office hours, they are ready to help me. Immediate response is their best part.

    Mitashri Basu (Director) – Samshi Group Of Companies

  • Antraweb understands our requirement very well. We do not need to explain too much and they give solutions immediately. We are very happy with the services provided which is why we are associated with them since 2006. The integration of the softwares has evolved so nicely that we have been able to use it in our day to day office work and has made work easy for us.

    Amar Kadakia (Director) – Popular Switchgears Pvt Ltd

  • By the support of Antraweb Team and their engineers, we have recovered major losses which we got in our data. The account owners have supported us very nicely in arranging on-site engineers. Antraweb is a very good company, in-fact the best company for Tally software and services as well.

    Renuka Jagesha (Sr Accountant) – Enzal Chemicals