Buying A Pirated Tally – An Unprofitable Deal

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Buying A Pirated Tally – An Unprofitable Deal

Tally Piracy

With a non-licensed Tally version, you have all the freedom of a licenced Tally but you will miss something. Few basic setbacks you may come across:

  • You may not get instant support when Tally Application crashes
  • Trouble in recovering Data Loss
  • Issues in updating to higher versions and modules.

Benefits of Having A Licensed Tally Version

  • Tally support at the time of crisis
  • There’s always a possibility to upgrade the software
  • Backup support from certified Tally partners
  • Lifetime free support for the software
  • By buying licenced Tally you are contributing for the next development of Tally for R&D.
  • A licenced Tally version can be used with Tally server 9 for higher performance.
  • By buying a Licenced Tally version, you set an example for others of using genuine software which can further set a trend.

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