A Simplified Version of GST for Indian Business Users

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A Simplified Version of GST for Indian Business Users

Recently the GSTN Network announced Tally Solution as a Goods and Services Tax (GST) Suvidha Provider. Quite overwhelmed with this announcement, Tally Solutions launched a GST mobile application to ensure easy adoption of the technology led tax law. A claim by Tally reveals that the mobile application is a rich source of information on GST and aims to help businesses understand the impact of GST. Its aim is to cater to both sets of users – those who are expert at technology and are yet to transform themselves into a digital company.

Excerpts from Tally Solutions states that it was essential to build the simplest and yet most advanced technology solution for businesses in India, thus they have realized that there’s an urgent requirement to develop an all-inclusive solution, particularly a mobile application that would help businesses to transit effortlessly to GST in the coming year. And, this has transpired into the creation of this knowledge dissemination app known as, Tally for GST.

Not only does this mobile app Tally for GST makes business users gain knowledge about GST, but it also lets them understand the impact of GST on their businesses, the events related to GST and the ways to get ready for it. After their partnership with ASSOCHAM, this initiative is yet another step by the company to prepare small businesses and traders with the appropriate information to train and prepare themselves for the tax reform. Further, Tally, the parent of Tally ERP 9 has also collaborated with Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) to train and educate the trading community on GST compliance. The company has also conducted over 170 events across the country with several partners for making business owners aware of GST compliance.

Tally’s ERP 9 Release 5.4, a business management and ERP software, also lets business users maintain and verify their business data electronically, which is a must in the GST era. It claims to offer benefits to business users when it comes to transitioning smoothly to GST. According to the company, there are few ways to transition smoothly into the GST regime. For making the transition effortless, businesses need to understand the tax laws pertaining to GST along with the significance of computerization in this era as with the significance of maintaining the business accounts suitably. The experts in Tally Solutions also agree with the fact that it’s essential for all business users to comply with GST to ensure they have a business advantage in the market.

Tally for GST, the free enterprise mobile application is available for download in Android and iOS app stores. A blog has also been launched by Tally to help business users with the provision of the most updated information on GST and its effect on verticals.

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