Case Studies

  • aartidrugs
  • Aarti Industries Ltd.

Aarti Industries has more than 10 units across the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, some units their own and some acquired. Each of the acquired units had their own business processes and software systems. Their objective was to synchronise the various units and the corporate office and make business critical information easily available…

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  • damanp
  • Daman Polythread Limited

The company produces large batches of output which needed a totally customised solution than the one they were implementing as it had become obsolete. All data had generated by its yarn weighing machine had to be integrated with the company’s ERP system…

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  • vemco
  • Vital Electronics

The company’s business growth had made it difficult to coordinate/link purchase, production and accounts activity of the company. They were not able to have control over inventory. There was no tool to help make requirement analysis pertaining to production and purchase for ensuring continuous production. So they took the help of professionals…

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  • crish
  • Crish Metal Works

It was very difficult for the company to link the purchase, production, storage and account departments for each customer order. With the help of advanced technology, the company could make a new product in a single day, something that would earlier have taken six to eight weeks with the manual procedure…

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