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Centralised and Secure access of Tally anytime, anywhere

Tally on Cloud is a service that will take your offline Tally software on cloud. You will be able to access your Tally data from anywhere and at anytime and from any device.

An easy low maintenance and economical way of running your Tally Prime is through Tally On cloud. Save numerous costs like operational costs, backup and data maintenance costs, server hardware costs, and many other miscellaneous costs through cloud computing.

You run your business while we take care of your IT requirements. Antra Cloud services not just provides Tally on cloud but also other essential software such as Emails, MS Office, etc.

This cloud computing service will help you access your data from anywhere and at anytime taking your business to a new level of productivity. Sometimes due to strikes or natural calamities or any other unforeseen reason employees may not be able to work from home. The challenge is to keep your business 100% productive at such times. To make this possible, Antra Cloud will give business owners and employees the freedom to access their work from anywhere and at anytime which will in turn improve the overall productivity of the business.

Here are some benefits that we provide through Antra Cloud services

  • Improved performance
  • Virus Protection
  • Scalable - Pay per user
  • Negligible Downtime
  • Data Security and cloud security
  • Data anywhere at anytime


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What is Tally on cloud?

Tally on Cloud is a service that will take your offline Tally software on cloud. You will be able to access your Tally data from anywhere and at anytime and from any device.

Is Tally data secured on Tally cloud?

Yes your data is completely secured on Tally cloud. Only the authorized person will be able to access the data. Also provisions are made for data theft and backup.

Why Tally On cloud?

Cloud technology is a turning point in the way data is saved and accessed, There is no better way of saving data today. Due to the rising concept of work from home or work remotely, more and more users are moving towards Tally Prime cloud

Can we use Tally on Mac?

Tally on cloud will allow you to access your tally even from a Mac book which is otherwise not possible.

What will I require in order to access my data from a remote location using Tally On Cloud?

You simply need a device, a strong internet connection and access to the cloud server in which your data is stored.

Can I still work in Tally on Cloud when my internet is not working?

No. You require a steady internet connection to access Tally on cloud.

Can Tally be used on Mobile Device after taking Tally On Cloud?

Yes. You can access your Tally data from any device at anytime.

Can other files/software be stored on Tally On Cloud?

You can store Tally and other required software like Microsoft office, Email Clients on Antra Cloud / Tally On Cloud.

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