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6 reasons you need to shift from on-premise Tally to Tally on Cloud

As a business grows, its requirements also increase. There comes a phase when your infrastructure may require expansion. Tally on Cloud is what your business needs when it expands here is why -

1. Multiple locations

With multiple locations comes the requirement for syncing Tally ERP 9 data across all sites. There are many ways of syncing data, but the most cost-effective way of doing this is to implement Tally on Cloud system as it not only helps in syncing data but also helps in other requirements that may arise due to the growth of a business.

2. Higher security

The security provisions made for your Tally data also need to be updated. Tally on Cloud provides you with higher data security and higher control over what Tally data users will be able to access using Cloud.

3. Work remotely

Working away from the office is difficult with default Tally ERP 9 as it is an on-premise software. But today's market conditions demand a 24/7 service. To make Tally available 24/7 you can use Tally on Cloud. It will allow you to access your data 24/7 using any device with internet and a web browser.

4. Scalability

Tally ERP 9 set up requires a dedicated computer with the software installed. Whereas with Tally on Cloud, all you need is any device and user rights to work on Tally. And thus any number of Tally users can be added or removed as per the business requirements. Scalability allows the business to expand or contract as per its own requirement. Default Tally ERP 9 is not very scalable and needs further investment for expansion or addition of new users.

5. Keep confidential data safe

Tally contains confidential data that can be misused or leaked. Tally on Cloud allows you to create users and assign them rights to view and enter only the data which is relevant for their work. Thus it keeps Tally ERP 9 data safe from unauthorised access.

6. Higher monitor and control

Monitoring user work and controlling user access is important while working remotely and thus Tally on Cloud has made provisions to ensure all user activity is under control.

These are the reasons you must shift your business from an on-premise Tally to Tally on Cloud.

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