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What are the limitations in Tally ERP 9 that are fulfilled by Tally On Cloud?

Tally ERP 9 was made initially for MSMEs. Businesses today have grown across multiple locations, and thus it becomes crucial for Tally ERP 9 to be easily accessible and have synchronised data. Following are some limitations Tally on Cloud will fulfill.


Tally is easily accessible on-premise and also partially available off-premise using Remote access and Browser reporting features. To access and use Tally to its full potential remotely, you will have to invest in Tally on Cloud. As it will make Tally accessible from any device irrespective of its operating system. This device has to have a web browser and a good internet connection. This will allow you to access Tally from any device from any place and at any time.


A business organisation may expand or down-tick its employment depending on its requirement. With an on-premise Tally, organisation invests in hardware as well as the software license depending on its expansion strategy. This type of addition an investment is permanent. But with Tally on Cloud, no extra investment will be required as the set up is scalable to suit future requirements.

The cost advantage due to a hosted server

A hosted server or Cloud helps you cut cost on various departments. It saves you from the hassle as well as prices of purchasing, configuring and maintaining the server for Tally ERP 9. When you invest in Tally on Cloud, the responsibility and cost of maintaining the server are on the hosting company. Other than the server, electricity cost is saved as you do not have to spend on electricity for servers to be on all day. The cost of an IT person or team to maintain server and also the hardware maintenance cost is saved. Thus you can spend less in a Tally on cloud scenario.

Reduced server responsibility

Server maintenance is crucial for the safety of Tally ERP 9 data. Various safety protocols need to be followed and updated from time to time to save your data from corruption and getting hacked. This responsibility is on the hosting company when you invest in Tally on Cloud.

These are some benefits of Tally on Cloud that help in eliminating the limitations of the standard Tally ERP 9 on-premise software.

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