Tally Apps for Mobile

The next Generation belongs to Mobility & Mobile apps. Desktops were replaced by Laptops in the last decade. Today, Mobiles are replacing Laptops as preferred devices for doing work. More & More applications are being designed keeping Mobility in mind.

Bizeye from Antraweb is a step towards taking our Tally customers to Mobility. Antraweb has designed Tally mobile apps for Android & iPhone, which will enable them to do their important work right from the comfort of their personal devices. Again all this at a cost which is affordable to small & medium enterprises & one which can give highest ROI.

Tally App will allow you to be completely abreast with your business providing you key performance parameters. We have designed Tally mobile applications for Sales people on the field for booking sales order & giving a complete profiling of their customers including ledgers & outstanding.

The Business Owners with Android or iPhone devices can utilize Business Dashboard for remaining updated with business & Transapproval mobile app for authorising purchase, sales or expense transactions.

Features of Tally App

Business Dashboard App

Bizeye Business Dashboard for Tally is a Mobile app for Top bosses or Business Owners who uses Tally.ERP 9/ Tally Prime & wants to be regularly updated with the key figures which depict their current progress.

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Customer Profiling App

A Tally.ERP 9/ Tally Prime Mobile App that does a complete profiling of the customer & presents it to you in a simple & organised way. Now customer business data Available on Android & iPhone !!

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Trans Approval App

Identify & Define critical transactions based on values for verification & approval. Get the transactions in the mobile app on real time. Check & Approve them before they are executed.

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Sales Order Booking App

An app guaranteed to improve efficiency of your sales team. Includes Order & receipts booking, outstanding management, customer profiling. Works on iOS and android devices.

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Business Audit App

Coming Soon !

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