Business Dashboard App for Tally

A Business tool designed for Business owners using Tally ERP 9. Bizeye Business Dashboard is an information Management mobile application for Top bosses or Business Owners who need to be regularly updated with the key figures which depicts their current progress. The Tally ERP 9 Mobile app is designed keeping in mind the need of a business owner, Partner, Proprietor, CEO, Director and Managing director of an organisation.

It shows:
  • Real time business key figures
  • Periodic Comparative performances
  • At-a-glance graphical representation of current & past performance
  • Business performance in Nutshell

The Tally app comes with a pre configured company setup which you can utilise to see the working of the app with sample data. However to configure the app with your Tally, You need to purchase & install the server component.

Download Tally ERP 9 Mobile App Now !!

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App Screens

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