Customer Profiling App For Tally

Customer profile in your hands. That is exactly what the Customer Profiling app does. It saves all customer information from Tally and makes it available to all users on their mobile phones.

Customer Profiling app for Tally is a useful Tally Mobile application for people in the field – Sales Persons, Sales Managers, or Business owners themselves. The app includes a Business directory, contact details, customer analysis, customer’s Business data & their account statement & bill-wise outstanding. Overall it does complete profiling of the customer & presents it to you in a simple & organised way.

The Tally Mobile application gives a business analysis of the customer wherein it depicts the periodic performance of the customer in the area of sales, payments & outstandings. The Tally Mobile app comes with a pre-configured company setup which you can utilise to see the working of the app with sample data. However, to configure the app with your Tally, You need to purchase & install the server component.

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  • Easy data for users on the field
  • Quick data sync
  • Tally data on mobile.
  • Organised reporting
  • Better analytics
  • Customer profile on the phone, on the go

App Screens

Some Commonly Asked Questions-

Can I see a demo of the app?

Yes, you can use the app yourself by downloading it from the play store or AppStore. Type Tally Customer Profiling by Antraweb.Technologies and download the same. You can explore the app or you can click the below enquire button and request a demo for the same.

What customer details can I get from the Customer Profiling App for Tally?

You can get the customer address, contact details, taxation details, financial details, and comments can be added and viewed. All the details of a particular customer saved on Tally can be viewed on the customer profiling app.

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