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Best time to shift from manual accounting to Tally

It is the start of the new financial year 2019-20 already. You probably have already started your new books of accounts. But are you still stuck with the traditional way of accounting i.e. manual accounting?

This is the best time to leave behind your old ways of accounting and move towards automated accounting or computerized accounting. Tally itself has more than a million customers worldwide.

In this era of digitization, there is no reason why computerized accounting or automated accounting would not be in trend today.

But fret not if you haven’t yet started accounting with Tally, you can do it today as now is the best time to purchase tally due to both its cost benefits as well as feature benefits.

Tally.ERP 9 is not only accounting software but also complete business management software. It helps in resource planning by assisting in cash inflow and outflow through its accounting feature, manpower planning through Payroll management feature and raw material planning through Inventory management feature. Other than these three features it has bank reconciliation features, GST return filing features, e-way bill generation features and many more that make it unique and apt for every business. One time purchase of the software gives you all these features for a whole business lifetime.

While its benefits are many, here’s why NOW is the right time to shift from manual accounting to Tally.ERP 9 and get your accounts computerized.

New financial year

This new financial year start accounting with Tally. Due to its easy GST return filing facility, it saves a lot of trouble during filing returns. The user-friendly interface of Tally lets its users make accounting entries smoothly and it also helps in the decision-making process by providing all important reports such as the Profit and loss report, balance sheet, etc.

Statutory Compliance

Every business organization needs to comply with the statutory requirements in time to avoid paying penalties. Tally is GST and statutory compliant and hence whenever there are any statutory changes, Tally is made compliant with these changes so that businesses can carry out its functions smoothly.

Tally18 is up for release

Tally Solutions will be launching its latest version, Tally 18 soon. Along with many new features, it will also change the traditional look of the software. It will be more user-friendly and will be able to work simultaneously on multiple functions. Investing in a new Tally ERP 9 software now will give you all its updates free for at least a year. So whenever Tally launches Tally 18 which will be its biggest launch till now, you will get it on your newly purchased Tally for free.

Software prices may rise

It is not uncommon for prices to rise whenever its demand rises. Tally 18 will be one of the biggest change in the software which is why there is a very high chance of the price increase due to the increasing demand.

More about Tally18

Tally18 is the soon to be launched latest version in the Tally ERP series. Tally Solutions, Bangalore had announced regarding the soon to be launched Tally 18 on 18th June 2018. This version of Tally is completely different from its preceding versions as it will not only have newly added features but it will also have a completely different look. It is one of the biggest and the most awaited release of Tally.

If you’re planning on moving from manual accounting to automated accounting this is the right time to shift to Tally as you will enjoy all these benefits as a new user with a valid TNS.

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