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How Tally on Cloud helps Businesses with Multiple Branches

Managing multiple locations of a business is not an easy task. Considering all the collaboration, communication and coordination that goes into creating a successful multiple-branch business.

Data integrity and collaboration are also equally important, especially for sound decision-making and return filing. If you are a business using Tally, you are already on the path to business growth. Tally ensures your business runs smoothly across multiple locations through its ability to provide time-to-time manual data synchronisation. It also allows you to work remotely if and when you have an active TSS (Tally software subscription).

One of the most revolutionary capabilities that top this list of features for businesses with multiple locations, is Tally’s ability to work on Cloud. This is a feature that is not currently available in the default Tally package. But you can enable your Tally to work on Cloud technology by consulting service providers.

Tally on Cloud is being used by most multiple-branched businesses as it creates an ease of doing business for both employers and employees. Here’s how -


Tally on cloud provides the flexibility to choose work hours as per availability - both employees and employers can benefit from this. Not just when but also where to work can be decided mutually. This creates the convenience of work and in turn, also increases employee retention. It gives businesses an edge over competitors as employees would always prefer to work in a flexible environment than a rigid one. This also provides the business with the flexibility to expand its services.

Expand the scope of services

Businesses can offer employees to decide on different shift timings as the Tally on Cloud server would be available 24/7. And also the employee can work from home if they are not comfortable working from the office during a specific shift. The company extend these benefits of Tally on Cloud to their employees and in turn also expands their services internationally or beyond the usual working hours.

Remote work

Cloud technology is known to provide the remote working capability. Businesses with multiple locations can largely benefit from this as they can use a single Tally license across multiple locations simultaneously. By default i.e Tally without Tally on Cloud services, works on a LAN environment and any business having multiple location branches, needs to purchase that many numbers of Tally licences as the number of company locations. But with Tally on Cloud, this is not the case, one licence can suffice and businesses can save that expense.


You can easily expand or downsize your resources depending on the rising or falling demand. Without investing in additional IT and infrastructure, you can up size your resources as much as you require and similarly reduce them when not required limitlessly. This is great for businesses with seasonal and changing demands. The complexity of managing an in-house IT expert and also managing the data servers is eliminated in the case of Tally on cloud as all these things will be taken care of by the Tally on Cloud service provider.

Better decision making

Decision-making will be quick and even more accurate with Tally on Cloud as real-time and integrated data will be available 24/7. Sales data, purchase data, budgets, Profit and loss reports, and other reports with up-to-date data will be available to the top management which will empower the decision-making process. You can take better and quick decisions with Tally on Cloud.

Secured access

Accessing Tally through Tally on Cloud is even more secure. This can be justified as the IT persons managing your server are far more experienced and are experts in managing data-related security and threats. The Tally on cloud service providers are the best persons to ensure your data is safe at all times.

Cost saving

Tally on cloud has cut down at least 15% of business costs for most businesses. By eliminating IT team costs, server maintenance costs, hardware costs, electricity and rent costs, Tally on Cloud has changed how businesses work and how they save on different costs.

Win-win scenario

As described earlier, Tally on Cloud is a win-win for both employees and employers as while it provides the employee with the flexibility to work anytime and from anywhere it also provides businesses so many benefits.

All this is possible only because of Tally on Cloud. This is a great feature of Tally that increases its user-friendliness to unmatched levels. You can consult and get to know more from Tally on cloud experts here.

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