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Export Documentation in Tally

As an exporter in India, you need to have certain documents as declared by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) and the customs authorities. Over the years, India has streamlined its exporting process to ensure it is business-friendly.

TallyPrime allows you to smoothly carry out your export business by efficiently generating the required exporting documents. It ensures you do not miss out on any required document. Exporting documents generated from Tally, ensure there are no restrictions in carrying out international trade. These documents are necessary as they help in legal compliance, customs clearance, payment process and finance, risk mitigation, quality and compliance, transport and logistics and a lot more.

Tally helps you generate the important exporting documents like -

  • Tax Invoice:

    A Tax invoice in an exporting business plays a very important role in international export. It assists and supports the taxation, customs clearance, and compliance part of exports. It contains very specific details like the identification of parties, invoice, date and number, description of goods, currency and payment terms, shipping details, incoterms, total amount payable,taxation details, customs compliance and record keeping.

    No international export can happen without a tax invoice. TallyPrime provides Tax Invoice for every international transaction that is done. Easily and seamlessly generate tax invoices as per the international export import law.

  • Commercial invoice:

    Tally generates a commercial invoice when requested. A commercial invoice is a document issued to an international buyer providing the proof of the product sold like the description of the product, quantity, price, terms of sale, date of sale and other relevant information.

  • Certificate of Quality:

    Tally can also generate the certificate of quality for you. Certificate of quality (COQ) is mandatory in some countries. As the name suggests it is a proof that the goods sold with this certificate are of a certain standard. These certificates are sometimes issued by a third party quality control agency that issues this certificate only after checking the goods by certain standards. To have a certificate of quality is a good practice as it instils trust in the seller.

  • Warranty Certificate:

    Warranty Certificate is a proof of the validity of the warranty of goods. It is issued by the seller to the buyer with information regarding the start and end date of warranty, the terms and conditions of the warranty, geographical coverage, transferability, claiming process, repair or replacement and every other detail pertaining to the warranty of the goods being sold. Tally generates this warranty certificate exactly how the exports business requires it.

  • Bill of Exchange:

    A Bill of Exchange (BOE) is a financial instrument which is a means of payment. It is a legal document that ensures timely and secure payment as per the pre-decided terms of trade. The Bill of Exchange typically follows a few steps before the actual transaction. The steps include - creation of the BOE, presentation to the importer, acceptance and negotiation, payment and settlement, after sale risk and security. The segments of a bill of exchange is not always fixed and has to be customised as per the country of the buyer. Tally provides this BOE as and when requested.

  • Declaration

    There are different types of declarations as per the regulating bodies of different countries. Tally generates declaration for export and thus you can easily comply with the required format of declaration. This helps you stay focussed on business rather than worrying about compliance. Declaration is an important document for exporters without which exporting internationally becomes difficult.

  • Cover Letter

    Cover letter is a formal business letter that is sent along with the other exporting documents and the shipment. It is addressed to the buyer and has very important information like the details of the goods sold, sender's information, recipient's information, Date: The date of writing the cover letter is included, typically aligned with the sender's information, subject line of the letter, reference number (If applicable), purpose of the letter, details of the export, document list, enclosures (if any). This cover letter too can be generated in Tally.

  • Performa Invoice

    A performa invoice is an invoice that is sent to the buyer before the actual transaction; it is a preliminary document that states the quotation of the goods, the description and many other details just like the bill of exchange. It is similar to a BOE but it cannot be used as a replacement for a BOE. This performa invoice can also be generated in Tally.

  • Packing List

    A packing list is a document that states all the contents of a shipment. It states the details of the contents in a shipment like the place of origin of the contents, the shipping marks and numbers, the total number of packages, the packaging details, the quantities and units of the content in the package, etc. This document too can be generated in Tally seamlessly.

    Documentation for international export is easy with Tally as it takes care of all the documents that are needed in the export process and thus ensures you are legally compliant for all types of exports. Export documents in Tally can be generated using a plugin tool and is a beyond Tally feature. You can access it by contacting us now.

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