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Find Out How Tally Is Much Better Than An Accounting Software

Tally is definitely not a mere accounting software! With its high capabilities and features, it is much beyond that. Tally has myriad features besides its accounting feature and there is no reason why the Tally Software is so popular. Let us explore most of the versatile features and have a good insight into the significance of Tally software.

Comprehensive Business Solutions

Tally ERP is defined as Enterprise Resource Management software. It implies that the software provides comprehensive business solutions to manage your business completely and meet your requirements. The business solutions offered by Tally include finance, inventory, sales, purchasing, accounting, costing, manufacturing, payroll and branch management.

Remote Access

Using Tally Software, you can access data remotely at any preferred time and convenient location. It can also support the activity of multiple users as they access Tally together and create separate entries using the software.

Tally is Easy to Use Without Complex Procedures!

Tally is simple to operate and learn. If you are looking for a flexible software that is simple to use, Tally is your choice! With even the basic knowledge of accounting, you can operate Tally freely. Data entry is also easy using Tally.

An Online Mechanism for Help

Get help online for using Tally’s many product features and functionality.

Operates on Multiple Operating Systems

Tally.ERP 9 operates on multiple platforms and Operating systems such as Windows 7 and Windows XP allowing extensive use.

Multi-lingual Functionality

You can record and print information in all Indian languages and also some international languages using Tally software.

Generate Reports Instantly

Enter transactions and generate plenty of reports and statements instantly.

Speed and Accuracy

Generate reports accurately and quickly for all transactions using Tally.

Tally is becoming the popular choice of accounting software for its accounting features. It is easily digitalizing accounting.

Accounting Features

There are most useful features in Tally for managing pending bills and also interest calculation.

This feature is useful while managing credit bills of customers. You can easily trace pending bills till they are due using Tally software. The interest calculation feature of Tally is also notable. Auto-calculate the interests of pending bills that are due from a particular date. Simply set the different interest rates and calculate the interests. Besides calculating interest for pending bills, Tally can also be used for loan interest calculation.

Tally has plenty of more accounting features such as codeless accounting, invoicing, maintaining payrolls and employee records, purchase management, sales management and inventory feature.

Tally GST Compliance

Besides functioning as the best accounting software Tally is also GST compliant. You can easily use file your clients’ GST Returns using Tally. Recently, Tally was shot into fame for its GST compliance after the introduction of GST law and common tax reformation in India.

Certainly, Tally cannot be dubbed as a mere accounting software anymore. With its comprehensive functionalities and host of compelling features, it is becoming an acclaimed software that meets all the different requirements of the users and business organizations alike.

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