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E-way Bill

Good news for new age-businessmen and entrepreneurs! The business software provider Tally has launched its latest software Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.4 for effective eWay Bill compliance. The product is priced at Rs. 18,000-plus GST for a single user edition and Rs. 54,000-plus GST for a multi-user edition. The latest release Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.4 is planned to turn it simple for businesses to generate and manage e-Way Bills. Businesses can use the Tally Software to generate bill of supply and file GSTR-4 with ease.

What is E-Way Bill?
Under Goods and Services Tax, the Electronic Way Bill is a document that has to be produced while transporting goods over Rs.50,000 from one state to another. The bill is already enforced as a compulsory digital document under the GST system for tax evasion. It is intended to increase the dwindling GST revenues. The bill will contain details of goods, their consignor, transporter and recipient. During the generation of the Eway bill, a unique Eway Bill Number is allocated to them. The prime offering of this E-way Bill mechanism is seamless interstate transportation of goods interstate without the expenses of bribes and charges at remote checkpoints.

  • Tally eWay bill in GST
    Under the bill, transporters travelling with goods to other states can generate eWay bill online and transportation of all kinds of goods including goods import or supply without hindrance. The introduction of Tally GST facility is tripling their convenience in transporting goods interstate. The Tally e-Way Bill in GST is not applicable for goods that are not covered under GST. E-Way bill generated is valid for the entire day for every 100 km.
  • Penalty
    Any transportation without the bill is subject to penalty. The transporter is fined Rs. 10,000 or the tax evasion amount- whichever is higher.
    Government is fast implementing Tally e-Way Bill software for effective solutions. As on Sunday, April 15, 2018; the Eway bill rolled out in five states with smooth interstate transportation of goods without any glitches. The government targets to introduce Tally GST bill nationwide before June 1, 2018. In Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, the bill is applicable from April 1, 2018.

Benefits of E-Way bills

  • Avoid transit delays
    Avoid the delays of waiting at check posts and enjoy smooth transportation of goods. Wait at check points are the major cause of shipments delayed.
  • User-friendly e-way bill system
    Tax payers or transporters need not visit any tax officers or check posts for generation of the e-way bill for movement of goods across states.
  • Easy and quick generation of e-way bill
    Simple and quick generation of e-way bills online without long or complicated processes
  • Easier verification of e-way bill by tax officers
  • Use the common e-way bill for interstate transportation to any state

No need of separate passes of transportation of goods into each state.

With a majority of business owners to welcome Tally new launch- the e-way bill software is marking great success already. It is fast implemented in the major states of India where interstate transportation is a significant activity.

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