How does Antraweb strive to add value to their clients?

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How does Antraweb strive to add value to their clients

Antraweb Technologies is a leading name in the Tally and Tally services industry. Even though Tally has thousands of service providers spread throughout the globe, Antraweb has remained to be the best service provider throughout its journey of 30+ years.

So what makes Antraweb different from its competitors? The answer is very simple, Antraweb makes sure their clients get value for their money by providing world-class support and customisation services. All products developed by Antraweb are well-researched and are made only after understanding the needs of businesses to make Tally even more user-friendly. Antraweb has a framework of principles that it uses to ensure uniform and best Tally services


Trust is built over time. During the 30+ years of its existence, Antraweb has consistently instilled trust in the minds of its customers through continuous reliable Tally services. The trust has only grown over the years. At Antraweb, we believe in building Lifelong Relations. This has been possible only through providing awesome solutions quickly without any wastage of time. Antraweb has served over 35 thousand customers from varied domains like manufacturing, Retail, wholesale, service Industry, school, colleges, institutes and many more domains.

Honesty, Integrity & Transparency

Ensuring honesty, integrity and transparency in actions must be a basic principle for every business. Antraweb tries its best to have honesty, integrity and transparency in their actions. Antraweb makes sure all conditions of the transaction are clearly mentioned in the business proposal. This ensures all the terms of the sale are honoured. To make sure there is complete transparency, integrity and honesty, Antraweb has developed a digital platform that keeps you informed about the various transactions, the status of the subscription purchased and also helps you track the status of the support ticket raised.

Ethical Framework

All actions of Antraweb representatives reflect an Ethical framework that ensures all outcomes are morally fair. All processes and systems are put in place after following an ethical framework.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is the core of all of Antraweb’s business principles. All other principles ensure customer satisfaction remains the top most priority. It is said that the cost of acquiring a new customer is 5% more than retaining an existing one. Antraweb aims at providing the best possible Tally service to its customers. Timely customer feedback is taken to understand where time is being wasted and the scope of improvement.


In the long term, a business with bad quality products and services cannot survive. Antraweb strives to provide quick and efficient service. Antraweb is a recognised, reputable Tally partner serving over 35 thousand customers with 250+ Tally experts.

These are the values and principles of Antraweb that help maximise the level of Client satisfaction. During the launch of GST, Antraweb spearheaded the revolution by training over 10,000+ SMEs. making sure the transition remains smooth and none of the MSMEs suffer due to GST implementation. The main aim of Antraweb is to provide services that take your business altogether to a new business level. If you are a startup or MSME, and would like to explore your accounting and business management possibilities in Tally, you can contact us through our website.

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