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Tally Impact Business of Organization

Tally ERP 9 solution has been a cornerstone for businesses to see a positive growth in the last few decades. For Tally Solution, it has been possible due to following reasons:

  • Through Tally ERP 9, the time taken to market for businesses can be lessened from 3 days to nearly 1 day thus enhancing efficiency by 70%
  • The top line of any organization will be considerably impacted through the implementation of this solution. For instance, if a staff on field required 2 days per month (i.e. 8 working days/day) for gathering, entering and organizing information previously, now only about 1 hour per month would be needed. Considering a 20 day work month for the employee, of which only 18 days were being spent on revenue generation, this leads into a 9.4% increase in time availability per month. This would lead into nearly 3% increase in top line for the organization.
  • Moreover, the staff that’s required for the collection of data would considerably come down from 3-4 staffs to 1, thus freeing up manpower for several other revenue generation tasks.

This further depicts that Tally ERP 9’s supply chain visibility solution will help a company effectively assign and use several resources against the planned goals.

Why Tally ERP 9 is in a unique position to solve this?

The Tally ERP 9 solution clearly has an exclusive advantage which lets it deliver a solution in this space:

Enviable & Unmatched Market presence:

With several decades of presence in the market, Tally ERP 9 is the most prominently used software in the SME segment in India including resellers, dealers and retailers in the supply chain. Thus, implementing the solution wouldn’t require them to invest in an expensive technology, nor would they require learning something new or adapting to a new way of working. Thus no additional expense or work will be added to their routines.

TDL Tally technology:

The TDL, i.e. Tally Definition Language platform is the only Business definition language in the world. The default capabilities of the ERP 9 version can be easily extended as well as integrated with external applications.

Though simple, not basic:

Any software or technology is inbuilt with complex technicalities which can’t be eliminated. A good solution is one that absorbs these complexities and delivers a truly easy to use, easy to understand and easy to implement software. After all ‘simplicity’ is the true quality of the ERP 9 version.

Incremental Implementation:

Several advanced features make sure that the technology is always assistive in nature. Tally ERP 9 makes sure new updates or releases in the product are easily incorporated in the product without affecting the daily implementation and without any downtime or stoppage in the functioning.

Semi-connected environment:

In current business scenarios, interrupted network connections and recurrent power failure are a reality. Retailers and dealers fundamentally exist in a semi connected. The ERP version understands that time is money for a business owner and makes sure that movement of information in the supply chain doesn’t suffer.

Tally, through its entire version has helped business build a platform through which they can build up on their development and offer their clients the best services.

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