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How Tally Barcode and Label Printing Help Your Business

Tally has been the flag bearer in the accounting software market. From 1989 to the present time, Tally has continuously evolved and improved its ability to serve businesses. Starting with basic bookkeeping to now automating return filing, inventory management, payroll management and a lot more.

One very useful and commonly used feature of Tally is its Barcode and Label printing

Ensuring easy data entry and tracking of inventory through Barcode and label printing. Manufacturers,Retailers, wholesalers, use Barcode and Label printing in Tally extensively as it reduces the burden of data entry while ensuring easy tracking of inventory. It is important to note this feature of Barcoding in Tally is a beyond Tally feature which means, you can use it only after installing a plug-in play solution booster.

Let us understand in detail how Barcode and Label printing in Tally has revolutionised the way businesses manage their inventory

  1. Inventory management: Each stock item or inventory is assigned a unique barcode and a label is printed with the same barcode. Once the label with barcode is stuck to the stock item, the barcode can be scanned to get complete information regarding the stock. Details like stock item name, price, description and stock levels are stored on these tiny barcodes. You can directly scan and enter all this information in Tally using a barcode scanner.

  2. Inventory tracking: Tracking inventory is essential to maintain stock levels and also to ensure order fulfilment. In industries like pharmaceutical, food and electronics, barcodes are helpful as they can quickly help you trace the origin of the product. Details like manufacturing date, expiry date allow for you to call for product returns or to implement quality control measures. Also in Manufacturing industries a stock item can be traced to which stage of the manufacturing process the stock item is in and where it needs to go next. This allows for better inventory tracking and management and improved overall process.

  3. Increased Efficiency and accuracy: Errors are bound to happen when a task is manual. But with Barcoding in Tally, you can automate the process of entering details of stock by simply using a barcode scanner and scanning the barcode to enter stock item details in tally. Thus reducing the time as well as improving the accuracy of the data entered. Also with barcoding you can ensure optimum level of stock by checking the stock movement analysis report in Tally. With barcoding in Tally, this data in the report becomes even more accurate

  4. Easy integration: Barcoding and label printing in Tally is a beyond Tally feature and requires a plug-in and play solution booster. You can enable this feature by contacting us and you can also learn how the solution works. It is a SAAS solution and you can start using it right away.

  5. Great Customer experience : Thousands of customers have been using Barcoding and label printing in Tally. Due to its ability to significantly reduce the time taken for data entry as well as improved efficiency, it has led to many businesses adopting and implementing it for their business.

  6. Quick billing: Billing or invoice generation is an important process especially where the end customer is involved. For example, in retail outlets or wholesale outlets, it becomes mandatory for the billing executive to quickly share stock information as well as provide bills or invoices. With Barcoding in Tally, you can ensure quick bing as all the stock items have a barcode and at billing counters these barcodes can be scanned to create invoices.

  7. Data Analysis: Businesses can use the data collected through barcodes to create analysis of the fast moving and the slow moving inventory. The strategy management team can create strategies to ensure no stock remains stagnant. Important decisions of discontinuing the production and sales of slow moving items can be taken on the basis of the data collected through barcodes in Tally.

Thus we can say Barcode in Tally has really changed how businesses work to improve their efficiency. Barcoding in Tally has benefited businesses starting from the bottom executive level to the top management level as well. Barcoding and label printing is a must product for your business if you are continuously looking out for automating your processes in Tally.

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