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How to Boost Your Tally Performance in 2023

34 Years ago, a revolution was set with the introduction of the first ever accounting software, Tally!! Ever since its inception till today, Tally is the most commonly used business and accounting software. Small, medium and growing businesses prefer Tally due to the innumerable benefits and features Tally provides at a very minimal one time cost.

Tally has been updating and upgrading for years to be at par with the latest technologies and growing needs of businesses. It started with bookkeeping and currently Tally assists businesses in complete business management by providing software-based automation in varied departments like accounting, human resource, taxes, compliance, operations, billing, etc.

Too many transactions and other confidential data stored in Tally, may have caused you to feel your Tally software lags sometimes. This is true, like any other software, there are limits on how much data a software can handle. But, many times, Tally users are not aware of whether the lag that they are experiencing is due to software incompetency or the data not being managed efficiently. 9 out of 10 cases of Tally lag can be solved by simply managing data better.

So here are 7 Ways for you to Boost your Tally performance -

Operating System Configuration

One of the best practices while using Tally is to use it on a 64 bit operating system and reserve 4GB RAM for Tally usage alone. If not, this may cause problems in tally functioning. This is a requirement that must be considered while purchasing and installing the Tally license. This is one reason many users who use a lower configuration of PC for Tally suffer with respect to Tally performance.

Network Architecture

There are two ways Tally typically works in one is Client and Server machines connected through a LAN connection and the other is Remote Desktop Connection, in which the systems are connected over the internet remotely. In both these situations, for Tally to work efficiently, it must have a strong LAN connection in case they are connected by LAN and in Remote connection, wherein the systems are connected via the internet, the systems connected must have a stable and strong internet connection. Failure of the LAN or internet connection, will eventually lead to lag in Tally’s performance.


Over the years, data can get accumulated in tally and may lead to instances of Tally taking a lot of time to load a company data. This may be frustrating for a user who might expect Tally to work much more efficiently. There is a very simple way of solving this problem and the solution involves you simply splitting the company data into different companies based on the year of the data. For example, You can split the data of Company A into Company A 2016-17, Company A 2017-18, Company A 2018-19 and so on. This splitting of data on the basis of the year, will reduce Tally loading time and you will be able to open the company data quickly without wasting time loading unnecessary data. This is a simple hack that companies can practice from the beginning of their accounting journey with Tally but very few do.

Tally on Cloud

Tally on Cloud enhances your Tally performance by eliminating the strain on your local PC, as the software is hosted on a cloud server. This, in turn, leads to seamless and improved Tally operation. If you've noticed a recent slowdown in your Tally performance, consider giving Tally on Cloud a try to experience potential improvements.

Tally Server 9

One way to enhance your Tally performance is to boost it with Tally Server 9 or Tally Prime Server. This is an enterprise level product and can be considered when all other ways of improving your Tally performance fail to work. Tally prime server is best for users looking to upgrade their Tally with better monitoring, control, security and performance.

Use Latest Tally version

All Security and software experts suggest one must always use the latest version of any software. The biggest reason for this is the security. Tally releases a new version of its product every 4 to 6 months with new fixes, new features and additional security. And the best part is, this new version is completely free for all Tally users. Just how you get a notification for a new software upgrade in your phones, similarly, Tally too notifies the availability of a new version of the software.

Antivirus and Windows Firewall

Many times Tally works very slow on a few computers. One reason identified is the continuous scans that take place in the background by the Antivirus software. It goes on scanning your software from time to time causing Tally to lag. To solve this issue you can simply exclude Tally from the scanning list in the Antivirus exclusion list. This will stop the software from scanning Tally. To ensure the proper functioning of Tally, it's crucial to permit Tally’s port in the Windows Firewall.


These are the top 7 common reasons that might be causing your Tally to work slow and how you can fix them to enhance the efficiency of Tally.

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