How Useful is ERP integrated with Tally beneficial for Pharmaceutical Industry?

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How Useful is ERP integrated with Tally beneficial for Pharmaceutical Industry?

ERP is referred to as Enterprise Resource Planning wherein Enterprise is your business organization, resource are the employees, finance and infrastructure and the resources are planned to get the best possible results for the business. The main purpose of the ERP software in an organization is to eliminate the practice of manual process of working which proves to be an obstacle to the smooth working of any organization in this fast paced world. With the use of ERP, the management get to know everything that happens in each department as all its modules such as finance, inventory, production, sales, purchase, HR, etc., are integrated with each other.

With a proper ERP system in place, no organization ever has inventory shortages or time being wasted transferring files manually. The inventory cost reduces as a result of better planning, tracking and forecasting of requirements. It further helps in quick collections from the debtors based on better visibility into accounts and billing errors get less as well. All in all ERP systems make all the tasks quite simple as far as inventory tracking, order tracking, revenue tracking, production tracking, and sales forecasting are concerned.

ERP system when integrated with Tally offers more astounding benefits that the clients would ever imagine. Tally ERP 9, the most preferred ERP system in India caters to millions of clients worldwide. Today, Tally software has grown from a basic accounting software into easy to use top quality business management software. Its high quality features allow it to meet the wishes of small to big companies with discrete operations. Earlier, manual accounting was in practice to record financial transactions; however, as a result of the growing economy the conventional method got eliminated. Tally provides the platform to report the financial transaction with utmost ease. The software is extremely user friendly and is designed in such a way that it anyone can understand it regardless of the field he/she is in.

With its services spanning across several industries, one industry that has benefitted immensely from Tally software is the pharmaceutical industry. It has proved to be an utmost user friendly solution for pharmaceutical companies and has become the most powerful inventory integrated financial accounting package for the industry. It’s a well-known fact that for any pharmaceutical ERP, compliance with GMP & FDA requirement is given extreme significance. Antraweb’s ERP solution is compliant to all statutory regulations and is quick to implement.

Important Features of Tally ERP 9 for Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Label printings from the system
  • Material receipts against orders
  • Stock Status such as Quarantine, Rejection, Approved
  • Retesting of Materials as per Retest Over Due Report
  • Additional requisition of materials for production
  • Production Delivery to several stages & BSR
  • Bill of Material for Raw Material & Packing Material

Data remains Secured

So strong is the software that even shutting down of a machine or failure of power at some point of functioning doesn’t have any effect on the information stored in its database. Top quality data integrity checks carried out at regular levels ensures records are secured.

With such state of the art features and characteristics Antraweb in partnership with Tally provides the best integrated software for pharma companies.

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