Tally ERP 9’s Release 5.4 – A Better way to Get Ready for GST

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Tally GST

Tally ERP 9’s latest release 5.4 rolls out integrating GST bill amendment. As India is preparing for the biggest tax regime in Indian Taxation history and the scenario of different taxes per state is going to end soon, Tally ERP 5.4.3 is all set to cover up. This latest release of Tally’s most popular version is unleashed with the GST feature as it has come with considerable innovations, product & performance enhancement. So, in order to understand to do both of this path breaking innovations covering Asia’s largest market sector, we need to understand these two separately, i.e. Release 5.4.3 and GST Bill.

Knowing Tally ERP 5.4.3 and what the users can expect from it?

Tally ERP 5.4.3 is another fresh update of Tally ERP 9 accounting software possessing an incredible amount of functions and capabilities. This latest release from Tally has an enormous range of product enhancements and its primary aim is to make business management far easier and simpler for the Indian market.

This latest release by Tally is installed with commanding and simplified statutory function in such a way that it’ll help you to maintain your taxation in a high efficiency manner. Once the Triangular Report function gets implemented, Tally 5.4.3 gives you the feel of a handmade return with 100% precision. Yes, it’s quite possible to sort out data entry and any other quality error automatically before generating the Return using the Triangular report function of this release. It also gives you total control over tax rates and classification applicable for your business. You can configure as you desire and whenever you want.

Tally ERP 9’s latest release is quicker, lighter, optimized and hassle-free when compared with its predecessor. As far as data sharing and synchronization is concerned, this release incorporates some major factors such as data sync on demand, authenticity, security, and reliability. With this you can share information across your determined locations including suitable update of any modification, without being constantly connecting to each other. One of the benefits of this Tally release is that you’re ready to go in just a few seconds. All you need to do is use the zero configuration installer that makes installation simpler.

How GST Rolls out with this Tally Release?

The GST ready version of Tally ERP is ready to be rolled out in 6 states of India including Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Bihar and Delhi. By using the GST Tax Bill feature in the latest update of Tally, one can bring transparency in his business transactions at broad levels. Starting 01 July 2017, a user can file his/her GST tax returns from the software. This proves to be an extremely vital feature as it saves time and complications for the user, provided he maintains his masters appropriately. It’s said that roughly about 8 to 9 million of businesses are going to be registered under GST. So they require a software compatible with GST so that they don’t require to worry about their taxation and any other account associated things as this Tally release will be completely prepared for things to come.

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