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Tally Prime New Pricing in 2024

Change is the real constant in the ever-changing era of business software. In a move towards continual innovation and enhanced user experience, Tally Solutions, a pioneer in accounting and business management software, has announced an increase in the price for its Tally Prime Software scheduled from February 10th, 2024. And it's essential to understand the factors that lead to this decision, considering how it affects the users and the potential advantages for businesses and users alike.

Understanding the Price Change of Tally :

As of now, Tally Solutions has priced its Tally Prime Software at Rs 18,000 for the Silver User and Rs 54,000 for the Multi-User. However, starting from February 10th, 2024, the revised prices for Tally Prime will be Rs 22,500 for the Silver User and Rs 67,500 for the Multi-User. As this price adjustment reflects a 25% increase in the cost of the Software. Please note that all mentioned prices are exclusive of GST, which will be added separately at 18%.

Note: The price hike applies not only to Tally Prime but also to Tally Software Services (TSS), Tally Prime Developer, Tally Prime Server, Tally Add-ons, and Upgrades. Users should be aware of all the price changes before considering their software purchase according to their needs.

For more detailed information about the new pricing structure for all Tally software's. Click Here

Insights into Tally's Upcoming Price Hike.

Over the past decade Tally's Software has seen a significant upwards shifts in price as well as features enhancements. Before 2012 the Tally ERP 9 was priced at Rs 13,500 for the Single User and Rs 40,500 for Multi User with all taxable amount included. And after 2012 the price got arose to Rs 18,000 for the Single User and Rs 54,000 for the Multi User with all tax inclusive reflecting a 33% increase in price till 2016.

In 2017, a major shift has taken place as the price structure adapts to include Goods and Services Tax (GST at 18%) in the cost. This was done to align the businesses with new taxation norms and stay inline with the regulations.

Now, looking ahead from February 10th, 2024 the cost of Tally Software will see another hike in price. As Tally Prime Software settling at Rs 22,500 for the Single User and Rs 67,500 for the Multi Users (excluding the 18% GST). To Note this price hike is also applicable to all other Tally Software's.

This reflects a further increment of 25% in price since 2017. And shows Tally's commitment to innovation and ensuring a robust financial ecosystem for businesses.

Tally's major updates comparing to Price Hike

Tally, a renowned software solution, had been known for its accounting and financial management features. Since 2012, Tally has introduced some major updates in Tally ERP 9 and later in Tally Prime. Let's look at the transformative features introduced in Tally ERP 9 and carried forward into Tally Prime.

  1. Enhanced Remote Access - Users can access their Tally Data from anywhere, giving them more freedom and flexibility.

  2. Seamless Banking Anywhere - Improved banking features including electronic fund transfers (EFT) and E- Payments, for more efficient financial transactions.

  3. Smart Payroll - Enhanced payroll features to simplify and automate payroll processing for businesses.

  4. Multi-Currency Support - Tally ERP 9 offered improved support for handling transactions in multiple currencies.

  5. GST Update - With the implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India in 2017, Tally introduced updates to ensure compliance with GST rules and regulations.

  6. Reports in Web Browser - With this users can view Tally ERP 9 reports securely from any device with a web browser and internet connection.

Now, Tally Prime is a major upgrade and successor to Tally ERP 9 and offers various features and improvements making it more easier and user-friendly for businesses and users. Let's look at what Tally prime has offered to users.

  1. New Look and Interface - Tally Prime's sleek and user-friendly interface marking a significant upgrade from Tally ERP 9's traditional look. Enhances the user experience without compromising the robust functionalities of Tally Software.

  2. Easy Navigation (Go To Feature) - The "Go To" option in the top menu allows swift access to any desired report or feature in TallyPrime. It gives a single place to allow businesses to see insights and explore it easily.

  3. Digital Signature - A powerful tool that speeds up the creation of electronically signed invoices, which validates the authenticity of signature and the data is not tampered during process.

  4. Edit Log - TallyPrime's edit log tracks and timestamps all actions, such as creating, editing, or deleting entries, helping auditors and business owners easily follow and understand transaction activities.

  5. E-Payment & QR - A new Payment Request feature allows easy generation and sharing of payment links and QR codes (using Payment Gateway or UPI).

  6. Multi State GST-IN - With the flexible GST feature companies can now handle multiple GST Identification Numbers within single company, sets specific tax rates and personalize the numbering.

  7. Seamless WhatsApp Integration - TallyPrime now smoothly integrates with WhatsApp for Business, facilitating instant communication. Allows easy sharing of business documents, including vouchers and reports, with stakeholders.

  8. Data Import From MS Excel - This facilitates the seamless import of masters and transactions from MS Excel, providing a quick and error-free method to handle high-volume data.

  9. Graphical Dashboard - An advanced visual tool for quickly understanding insights. Customizing the dashboard with various reports, tracking revenue trends, and making informed decisions based on graphs is now made easy.

It's important to note that Tally Solutions regularly releases updates and new versions. There has been approximately 52% increase in the number of new features since 2017 provided by Tally to its users, addressing evolving business needs and regulatory changes.

As the update of Tally's Price hike, it is important to view the positive side of it. The continuous innovation, greater user experience, technological upgrades and etc. highlights the Tally Solutions Commitments to providing cutting-edge and adaptable software solutions. The newly adjusted pricing reflects an investments in delivering a superior product and support to the users. As these make sure to contribute positively to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of businesses relying on Tally Prime Software.

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