Tally Prime's Security Features: Safeguarding Your Business Data

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Tally Prime's Security Features: Safeguarding Your Business Data

Tally Prime is known for its ability to keep data confidential and safe. The biggest reason for its extensive use and preference is its ability to keep data safe and free from any type of malicious attack. This is achieved mostly through its TSS (Tally Software Services) services.

Recent data breach statistics reveal a concerning trend: the average cost of a data breach has increased by 2.6%, reaching $4.35 million in 2022 from $4.24 million the previous year. This rise highlights the growing risks associated with data security breaches.

Especially for critical infrastructure organisations, the situation is more severe. They have seen a significant jump in the average cost of a data breach, now at $4.82 million. This increase underscores the increased vulnerability and financial impact on these vital sectors.

Below is a detailed walk through of how TSS in Tally Prime keeps your data safe from such attacks -

Data Exchange in Tally & Tally.Net Server

Within the depths of Tally and Tally.Net Servers, security is considered of the utmost value. Data in the software is of an industry-recognized Triple Data Encryption Algorithm. This impenetrable encryption ensures that data remains tamper proof during its journey. To detect any malicious attempts at data corruption or manipulation during transmission, robust message digests are deployed, acting as vigilant to keep your data safe.

100% Access Control

Every time data is requested during the process of data synchronization, a unique network port is created and is closed only after the whole process is completed. Thus avoiding any chances of data theft or data leak or data loss. Thus avoiding any fraudulent data transfer requests.

Data Encryption

Every bit of data stored in Tally on local drives is meticulously encrypted in multiple layers, through the Tally Vault feature.

Shielded Data Exchange across Distinct Tally Instances

In scenarios where Tally instances are employed across geographically distant locations, not tethered by a local area network (LAN), Tally introduces a synchronized data exchange option. To preempt any malevolent incursions by Cyber criminals seeking to manipulate or ex-filtrate data, Tally meticulously verifies the configurations of both the transmitting and receiving Tally systems. Consequently, if a difference in system configuration is detected, the data synchronization process is swiftly stopped. Further enhancing security, both parties, sender, and receiver, must mutually dispatch and accept data synchronization invitations. As an additional layer of safety protocol, Tally.Net Server safeguards an encrypted record of this synchronization until the entire process is completed, after which it is deleted, preserving the confidentiality of the data.

Enhancing Connectivity Security

Tally elevates the realm of secure connectivity, shielding your Tally and the Tally.Net Server through an intricate multi-stage security protocol. This protocol impeccably verifies the legitimacy of both the Tally licence and the Tally Software Services (TSS) license, creating an unbreakable barrier against potential intruders seeking to tamper with or pilfer data in transit.

Other than these, there are other data security features like Tally automatic backup, Tally scheduled backup, Tally Multiple location backup. These features are available as a TDL or a plug-in and play module and can be easily integrated with your default Tally.

Ensuring data safety in the digital world has become more difficult than ever before. Tally Prime has ensured the 2 million user data remains safe through these features and has thus empowered businesses to run smoothly. 

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