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TallyPrime on cloud and its usefulness

Cloud technology has become an integral part of not just businesses but also individuals. From saving pictures online to creating documents on drive and collaboratively working on spreadsheets simultaneously, we all have realised how convenient cloud technology has made our lives.

Tally has served its customers by providing maximum features at a reasonable cost. The latest version after Tally.ERP 9 is called Tally Prime. Tally Prime has provided some necessary features online like browser reporting and sharing.

To get all the features online and to access Tally Prime online, you can get Tally on Cloud service from a reputable Tally service provider like Antraweb.

We know the benefits of Cloud so here’s how taking your offline tally prime to cloud will help you and your employees in their day to day work-

On the go sales

Once you have gotten on board with Tally Prime on Cloud, you will realize Tally is not just a desk software and can be used anywhere and on any device. This helps you create voucher entries while you are working on site. Generally these entries are created in Tally either by another person or it is done after returning to the office.

Inventory check

Just got a sales order but you need to check your inventory to confirm the order? No problem check your inventory availability while you are in the customer’s office. In a default Tally, without cloud, you would have to ask your colleague if there is availability of stock and whether the order can be fulfilled within the time. These extra steps for order confirmation can be eliminated with Tally Prime on Cloud.

Work flexibility

Your employees can work from the comfort of their homes without taking a leave in case of an unavoidable circumstance. Ensure no interruption in quality work irrespective of where the employee works from.

Work collaboratively

Multiple users can work simultaneously without having to wait. Get access to real time data. This gives you an insight based on the real-time data and helps you take better decisions. On-premise i.e. default Tally provides you with only the loaded data and is not updated on real-time basis.

Use TallyPrime on Mac

Most business owners use Mac operating system on a daily basis. Business owners may want to use Tally to either check reports or view product performance, etc. Since by default Tally does not work on iOS and Mac systems, it becomes difficult for Mac users to use Tally on their systems. In this scenario, Tally Prime on Cloud proves to be very helpful. As it saves Tally data on servers and can be accessed by any device.

The best part about Tally Prime on Cloud is, it is Scalable. Also the cloud service is subscription based so you can purchase it for the time you require it and unsubscribe when not needed. Tally on Cloud has many benefits like it provides higher flexibility in work, provides better performance, improved data security, reduces hardware costs and is great in a work from home or a a hybrid work scenario.

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