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The Role of Tally in Digital Transformation

Tally was introduced back in 1989 and was one of the pioneers in Accounting software. From 1989 till now Tally has digitized the complete process of financial accounting and business management. It has revolutionized how businesses work and reduced the overall cost to the company.

The software has been improved over the years to complete business management software. Different processes have been digitized to improve the output. This has led to not only improved results but also proven to be time-saving, shown better efficiency, reduced errors, reduced costs and overall better efficacy.

Here’s how Tally has created significant waves in the Digital Transformation -

1. Streamlining Financial Processes

Financial management is vital and a very tedious job when done manually. Tally has transformed this tedious job by assisting in all functions of financial management like bookkeeping, invoice generation, return filing, bank reconciliation, maintaining masters, e-invoicing, e-way bill maintenance, etc. Tally has all the features needed for digitizing the whole process.

2. Eco Friendly through Digitisation

Tally can also be used to save your invoices by digitally attaching them to your invoices. This helps you to have a digital copy of your invoices and get it printed only when it is required. This type of digitisation not only saves costs for the company but is also nature-friendly or eco-friendly. This feature is a beyond Tally feature and requires you to consult a Tally service provider to get it installed.

3. Integration and Data Visibility

External data can now be imported into your Tally easily. This involves bulk data from Excel sheets. This is helpful as we know today businesses sell on multiple platforms but for return filing and accounting you need to have your data in one place. And hence this feature helps you to consolidate all your data in Tally. Your data can be studied better with Tally reports that help you in decision-making as well.

4. Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

Tally on Cloud helps you with real-time data and reports. It allows you to work from anywhere and at any time with complete access to data. Tally on Cloud is also a beyond Tally feature and can be activated by contacting your Tally service provider. Tally has over 300 reports and can be accessed from anywhere at any time using your browser. These reports can be accessed from any device that has an internet connection and a browser. You can log into your account from the Tally Solutions website and access your reports there.

5. Mobility and Remote Work

Tally on Cloud has changed how businesses work especially during the pandemic. By default, Tally is an on-premise software but it provides you the flexibility to choose from on-premise and cloud. Tally on Cloud can be used to work from any location with live data. This allows the employees and the business to stay connected even while they are at home or a client's place.

6. Scalability and Customization

Tally is a flexible and scalable software. You can choose to customise your software as per all the features you want. There are a variety of features you can choose from like - automatic periodic backups, file attachments, GST reminders, Tally on the cloud, etc. Tally is also scalable, that is you can add as many users as you like, and you can add budgets, cost centers, vouchers, etc. Tally has digitized the way businesses work by providing scalability and thus more reliability from the long-term perspective. Tally grows with your business and you do not need to change your software due to your growing business.

7. Data Security

Digitisation has also caused a significant increase in the cases of cyber intrusions and thus Tally has good security to keep your data safe. To ensure data security, Tally provides Tally user access control, data encryption, data backup and recovery, User edit logs (Audit log) and more. Moreover, you can set a password for every company so only authorized persons can access the data. You can also set user rights to avoid unauthorized access.

8. Support and Training

Moving from manual accounting to Tally can be daunting and thus we provide the necessary support so that you can set up your Tally for your business smoothly. If you are looking out to move to Tally you can contact us to get proper implementation and support to get started with Tally.

To conclude, Tally has changed how businesses function. Growing businesses understand the importance of digitisation and the support it provides to simplify and improve everyday business efficiency.

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