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Tips To Get Tally Support at the Earliest

Tally supports critical functions of a business like accounting, taxation, operations, etc. A failure in such a system can cause disruption in these vital processes. At such a time, you may want to have immediate tally software support.

The easiest way is to connect on Tally helpline number 1800 3098 859. Do you know Tally has over 2 billion Tally users and every Tally user depends on this number for toll free support? Which means, you will have to often wait for your problem to even be registered or heard. So while this could be the most logical and convenient way of getting Tally software support, it is not necessarily the most efficient and quick way of getting support.

So what do you do? Here are some easy and quick ways of getting Tally support that not many people know -

1. Chat

Did you know, you can directly chat with Tally experts. You can visit and go to their chat bot and type your query. You will get quick human assistance which will be free of cost. Tally provides free support to all its customers. Since this is free of cost support expect some delay but rest assured as the experts will help you solve your issue at the earliest.

2. WhatsApp

Tally now has a WhatsApp number on their website from which you can directly talk to experts on WhatsApp to get your query resolved. Not many people know about this. This WhatsApp number connects you with Tally support experts.

3. Partner Support

Tally has many partners across the globe. There are a few partners that provide free support. The waiting time with these Tally partners can be very less to none as there are thousands of Tally partners scattered across different countries. Here’s one top tally partner from where you can get instant Tally support. You can schedule the time at which you want a call back from the Tally experts.

4. Premium Support

Paying for premium support is the best and full-proof way of ensuring you get the best support at the time you require it the most. Choose from different plans and get top quality support for your Tally software. Antraweb has multiple yearly Tally support plans to choose from.

5. Free After Sales Support

Do you know you can get support for a limited time on purchase of a Tally licens e? That’s right. We provide premium support for all our customers who purchase software from us for a limited period of time.

Free support is great for organisations with minimal Tally usage. But for organisations that extensively use Tally for return filing, accounting and other critical functions, we always recommend having some premium annual support plan. This is to ensure none of your work goes into standby due to software or a system failure.

A yearly support subscription can cost you as low as Rs. 1000 per month. In this, you get expert advice and guidance on tally usage and enhancement other than the usual support. Also, a whole ticket system is involved wherein you can track and get instant notification on the progress of your support ticket.

  • Other tips to resolve your Tally problems -
  • Checkout online Tally communities
  • Check Quora
  • YouTube is a great source of free support
  • Search your query on the web

The above tips are not recommended for new Tally users and users who are not well equipped with how Tally works.

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