What to Expect from TallyPrime's Latest Release 3.0?

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How to make the most of your TallyPrime software

Tally is software that fits all types of businesses. While Tally is used most commonly for accounting, return filing and data analysis, there are many other reasons Tally is used considering all the features of Tally.

Manufacturing, retail, traders, export-import, automobile industry, service industry, etc. Tally can be used by any of these industries. The main reason for this is the varied features and the adaptability of Tally accounting and business management software.

With time the usability of Tally has increased due to the new features and versions of Tally that have been introduced from time to time.

Recent features that TallyPrime has introduced include an audit trail of user activity, digital signature, a ‘Go to’ search bar (Not available in Tally ERP 9 and previous versions), browser reporting, etc. All these features were added after understanding the requirements of Tally users. Tally might soon introduce a new version of TallyPrime release 3.0. This version can have some amazing features -

Multiple Tax rates and HSN codes at different levels

In Tally, it is not possible to have a stock item at different tax rates and different HSN codes. In the upcoming version, users expect Tally to provide the flexibility to set multiple tax rates and HSN codes for stocks. TallyPrime should provide the flexibility to set the source of GST details in transactions and the source of HSN details in transactions.

Edit Ledgers

In Tally, if the company you’re dealing with previously was unregistered and is now registered under GST, you must be able to edit the ledger and add its registered GSTN in the same ledger with an effective date.

Multiple GSTNs in one Tally company

Tally users have been waiting for this update in Tally. Tally must have this feature to add multiple GST numbers of the same company in the same company ledger. This feature will also require Tally to have multiple number series in a single voucher type. Thus the user will not require to create multiple voucher types in the same company.

Modified in books after export section

Many times due to human errors, users may make changes in the transactions after exporting the transactions. But it becomes impossible for users to track these changes. Tally must introduce a new section that shows all the transactions that have been edited after the report is exported.

Business Purchase Reconciliation - GSTR2a reconciliation specifically for each transaction

In the GSTR2A, you should be able to check if any transactions need to be reconciled and get the transactions imported to Tally. This is a great feature for all businesses that must be introduced in Tally to avoid mistakes and penalties.

These are some features we are expecting Tally to bring in its next TallyPrime latest release. Are you excited about TallyPrime's latest release?

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