Why Tally on Cloud post Covid - 19?

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Why Tally on Cloud post Covid - 19?

Covid-19 brought the world to a standstill. But we have now moved past that and today all Indian markets are running as they were before the pandemic. The pandemic brought in the work from home culture and hence businesses started using Tally on Cloud. But now that the markets are up and running, most employers have asked to resume working from the office, the question that comes to mind is, Is Tally on cloud relevant in today’s times?

The primary and obvious reason most Tally users started using Tally on Cloud was because Tally on Cloud allows you to access your Tally from any location and from any device with no time constraints. And hence, it made work from home possible for all tally users during the work from home phase. And now that the scenario has completely gone back to how it was, businesses are reconsidering whether to continue using Tally on Cloud or not.

Here are the top 5 reasons businesses continue using Tally even after the end of the lockdown-

Cost effective

Costs are a major concern for all types of businesses irrespective of their size. Every business must optimise their resources and try to cut down costs wherever they can. Tally on Cloud is one way you can cut down many costs like server maintenance costs, cost of having an IT team, hardware and infrastructure costs (working remotely allows you to cut down on infrastructure and electricity costs) and many other costs.

When seen from a long term perspective, these costs sum upto crores of rupees. The cost saving benefit of cloud technology is not new. We see cloud technology being used extensively due to the economical benefit of it.


Data is top priority especially Tally data as it consists of accounts, customer data, payment overdue, etc. Keeping confidential and sensitive data safe is top priority for businesses. Tally on cloud ensures Tally data security by implementing the best cloud security practices.

Cloud services provided by Antraweb ensure top security protocols like dual step authorization, advanced security module and a lot more. Through these modules, security is ensured and customer’s data is always safe.

Guaranteed performance

Tally might start lagging with time. Tally on Cloud quickens the pace at which Tally works and hence ensures your Tally’s performance improves. Tally on cloud offers guaranteed performance.

The resources are allocated as per user needs and thus the whole activity of using Tally on Cloud is properly optimised to get maximum performance and high efficiency.

Subscription based

Tally on Cloud is a service that can be discontinued at any time and also can be resumed at any time. This allows for complete freedom of choice and allows you to choose when you want cloud service and when you do not need it.

Thus there is no long term commitment and you can exercise complete flexibility over what type of service you require.


Businesses expand or shrink in size depending on the demand. Tally on Cloud allows you to scale up or scale down as required. Thus you are always in control of what you are spending money on. And your expense is optimal. You only pay for what you use..

Tally by default is a great software and Tally on cloud only enhances its existing benefits by providing enhanced data security, performance and other features. The world has moved to cloud technology rather confidently. Using cloud has made life easier for everyone. Pandemics may come and go, whether you work from home or from office, cloud technology and Tally on cloud is here to stay.

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