Tally eCommerce Integration

The Businesses has moved from Brick and Mortar to eCommerce. The Online stores like Amazon & Flipkart has changed the way people buy products. The businesses in India have registered with this websites & sells their products online to reach wider audience. Each of this website after transacting sends data in excel formats to the businesses & they re enter the vouchers in to Tally.

With Antraweb’s Tally Integration tool, you will be able to create sales invoice, debit notes, credit notes, receipts from the transaction excel file downloaded from Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc into Tally.ERP 9 / TallyPrime. The integration tool has been helpful to reduce around 15 man days of work every month & in some cases more.Features

  • Avoid Duplication of Work
  • Reduce Errors & maintain Data Integrity
  • Save Time & increase Productivity

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