Excel to Tally Import Utility

excel to tally

Data is collected in various formats and from different sources. Purchase Expense adjustments, taxes, everything needs to be on a single software to generate complete analytical reports. Tally is majorly used for filing returns and thus it requires complete data from different sources.

What is excel to Tally Import Utility?

Excel to Tally is the best method to get your business data in Tally. Business data may be available in different software or excel sheets and to get this data in Tally you will require an excel to tally data import utility.

It can import all your data that can be stored in Tally such as various voucher entries (sales, purchase, receipt, etc.), stocks, ledgers, cost centres, etc. The data can be from any source such as your legacy system, E-commerce websites, Excel sheets, etc.

Send us sample data that needs to be imported in Excel sheet. Our Tally experts will develop Integration software for your data in 6 hours. Using this integration software import all the required data in Tally in just a few clicks.


  • Import data in few clicks
  • Avoid repetitive entries
  • Avoid Human Errors and maintain Data Integrity
  • Quick data import, Save time & increase Productivity

Some Commonly Asked Questions-

What are the different sources from which data can be imported to Tally using the Excel to Tally Import Utility?

  • E-commerce Websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal
  • Software like Magento, CRM Software
  • Websites having .php, java coding
And many other sources. Data can be moved from different sources to Excel and data from this excel can be easily imported into Tally.

Which type of businesses must invest in Excel to Tally Import Utility?

Businesses with multiple sources of data, businesses selling their products on different platforms, businesses getting such data on Excel sheets, and also businesses using multiple software for data collection can use Excel import utility to get all the data accurately in Tally.

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