What are the features of Tally Server 9?

Enhanced Performance & Productivity

User will be able to work faster without impacting each others access to the data

Immediate response during concurrent data access increase the work smoothly performance of the users

Stability with faster response increases the productivity and reliability in the organization

High Security & Control

Restrict the visibility of physical data files for right administrative operations of all users

Secure the access of data of multiple locations from unauthorized users

Restrict the access of data to the particular system by disallowing the Windows user/user groups of system IP address of name from unauthorized users

Zero Downtime

User will not experience downtime during data maintenance or abnormal conditions.

Monitor & Administer on a Click

Monitor and keep track on current and last activities and work patterns of the users

Disconnecting of the users in case of emergency

Analyze the time utilized by the user for entry creation/ alteration/deletion to viewing/ Printing / Exporting and editing of reports

Control the access for the features like Backup, Restore or split of the companies, etc.

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