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What's new in Tally.Prime Server?

The all-new Tally Prime server is truly an enterprise class product. With powerful data server capabilities, it can handle the heaviest of data on your TallyPrime Gold license. It creates a multi-window system in Tally, allowing TallyPrime Gold license to quickly respond to multiple user requests simultaneously.
Thus it brings down the waiting time for multiple users and increases the efficiency of working for these Tally users. TallyPrime Server is an amazing product that will enhance your TallyPrime Gold license capabilities and level up your Tally performance, speed and security.

Here's how you will benefit -
  • Better performance, increased concurrency

    Ensure your Tally users complete more work in less time. With TallyPrime Server, your Tally users can work simultaneously on real-time data, generate multiple reports, create or alter transactions as well as take backup simultaneously. Work on Tally concurrently without waiting due to Tally not responding. Have a completely new experience using Tally.

  • Better data security and control

    You can control user access to data path and data files. The data path where files are stored stays hidden from all the users, only the authorized person or admin can access it. Data backup and restore options are controlled by authorized users only.

  • Optimize user activity

    Track user activity to ensure all work is done efficiently. Monitor user activity like login and log off time, entries made, activities in progress, companies open, etc. You can also end-user session if you may need to. Thus enhance your business productivity to a higher level with TallyPrime Server.

In short, ensure better performance, data security and control over user activities in Tally with TallyPrime Server.

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