TallyPrime Release 2.0 - The best your business can get

As of July 2021, the latest release or version of Tally is Tally Prime release 2.0.

The latest release is equipped to solve challenges faced by the Tally users using previous versions.

What challenges does Tally Prime 2.0 solve?

Challenges solved for an Accountant

Challenges faced Solution

E-way bill and E-invoicing

Generate E-way bill and E-invoices either through other software / technology or manually from the GST portal which is time consuming and requires you to switch between Tally and the GST portal

You can generate both E-way bill and E-invoicing from Tally itself. Create, alter or cancel as required in Tally itself.

Use these features for free all you need is a valid TSS.


Often wrong GSTIN number and HSN codes are entered, causing mismatch while return filing and other problems

This may affect ITC claim

Minimize GSTR-1 and 3B mistakes through in-Tally GSTIN / UIN and HSN / SAC verification.

Save as report

Everytime configuring reports like profit loss, balance sheet, outstanding duration, products, etc every month/ week is time consuming

Save the report filters/ configuration and view it every month/week with the prevailing data.

TRiB - Tally Report in Browser (View Tally reports in Mobile or desktop or any other device)

Depend on accountants to get detailed reports from Tally

TRiB- Tally Report in Browser. Access finance and compliance reports from any device, anytime and anywhere

Challenges solved for an Owner

Challenges faced Solution

E-way Bill and E-invoicing

Mismatch or Incorrect Invoices or E-way bills may cause penalties and delayed deliveries

Create E-invoices and E-way bill directly from Tally with run time error detection.

These features in Tally are free with TSS.


Wrong or incorrect GSTIN and HSN codes may cause your customers ITC loss and strain relations with customers.

Tally verifies GSTIN and HSN codes on real time basis. It ensures Input credit claims with better profits and relation with customers/supplier

Save as report

There is either dependency on accountancy for MIS reports or you waste of time creating reports to view, analyze and make decisions.

One time configuration / report filters can be saved for future viewing.

Avoid wasting time and stay efficient


MIS reports is restricted to office, individual and or one device.

Access reports from anywhere, anytime and any device

Challenges solved for an CA / GSTP who do account outsourcing

Challenges faced Solution


Data entry for Item master and E-way bill is created repeatedly for the same clients.

Additional services is available for CA

It is free with TSS


Repeated Mistake in returns affects profitability of accounting and GST returns.

Real time GSTIN and HSN verification in Tally will reduce such errors and result is easy return filing and accounting services.

Save as report

Same configurations have to be repeated every single time you need a specific report like profit & loss, Balance sheet, statutory etc.

Save these report configurations for future reference


Customer ask for invoices and report frequently which consumes lot of time.

Add additional services to CA portfolio of giving access to client’s reports on Clients any device and anytime.

Why you must use the latest version of Tally?

  • All previous versions before Tally Prime are out dated and lack some essential statutory compliance features.
  • Using Tally ERP 9 and previous versions, you may require third party software to get E-invoicing, E-way bill etc which are mandatory as per the law.
  • New features and development will be added in Tally Prime and future versions only.
  • Older versions are not as efficient as Tally prime.

How do I move to Tally Prime 2.0?

  • Step 1 - Update your TSS (If expired)
  • Step 2 - Check for your Tally updates in the ‘Help’ tab and click on ‘Update’ and restart your tally.


  • Step 2 - Ask your Tally service provider to update your Tally.

(Your updated TSS will be valid for a year and all updates released in this year will be made available for you)

This simple 2 step process can be followed to get Tally Prime 2.0.

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