TallyPrime Release 2.1 - The best your business can get

Tally Prime 2.1 is the latest version of Tally launched in the month of March. This version of Tally Prime comes with Edit log and Digital signature which was previously not available in Tally. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has brought a mandate for businesses of a specific category to have edit log in their accounting software. And thus to comply to this requirement, Tally has introduced Tally Prime 2.1 Edit log.

In this latest release, there are two different versions of Tally Prime 2.1. They are -
Tally Prime 2.1 Edit log
Tally Prime 2.1

TallyPrime Edit Log 2.1

This version of Tally Prime has an edit log that cannot be disabled and it continuously maintains logs of all the changes made to the Tally data.

TallyPrime 2.1

In this version of Tally, you can enable or disable Tally as per your convenience. And thus, this version of Tally is used by businesses that are not expected to have edit log as per MCA rules.

This is the main point of difference between the two versions of Tally.

Here’s what Tally has to offer in the Edit log -

  • Get user wise data activity including voucher/master creation, alteration and deletion.
  • Tracks date and time of the activity.
  • Simpler auditing process
  • Better data control
  • Track changes made to the company data like migration, data splitting, etc.

Digital Signature in PDF

Tally also provides the feature to add digital signature in PDF documents. This digital is dongle-based and hence it requires you to connect the dongle to the PC in which you are using Tally. You can sign document digitally in the following scenarios -

  • Exporting documents as PDF
  • While emailing PDF
  • While printing PDFs

The biggest advantage of digital signature is that it ensures the document and user safety. It ensures that the document is received by the recipient without being tampered with. Thus you can use this feature while sharing, printing and exporting documents while sending it to your stakeholders, customers, CAs, auditors, etc..

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