10 Features Your Tally On Cloud Must Provide

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10 Features Your Tally On Cloud Must Provide

Is your Tally on Cloud or On Premise? Can you access your Tally from any device? Most successful businesses access their Tally on Cloud as per their convenience from anywhere and at any time. The main reason that makes such businesses successful is the growth mindset and the willingness to adapt to the evolving new technology at the right pace.

Cloud has been in the market for years now and Tally on Cloud is being used by businesses for a couple of years. More and more businesses are now moving towards Tally on Cloud after realising all the benefits that it provides.

Everybody knows the striking benefits of Tally on Cloud viz it provides you 24\7 accessible Tally data, flexible working approach, convenience of working, real time data and so on.

In this blog, I would like to highlight the various features that Tally on Cloud by Antraweb also called AntraCloud provides its users that you must know -

Auto backup

Auto backup and cloud go hand in hand. Auto backup ensures uninterrupted working. AntraCloud encourages uninterrupted working by allowing you to set up an automated backup system. This automated backup system in Tally makes sure it takes Tally data backup as per the scheduled time without disturbing your work.


Tally data when online can be exposed to online viruses, malware, etc. To keep Tally data safe while using Tally on Cloud, you need to have an AntiVirus in your Cloud system. AntraCloud provides AntiVirus for all its users.

Data Security

Data security ought to be of top level especially when sensitive Tally data is involved. The responsibility of data security is passed on to the cloud service provider in case of Tally on Cloud. So the service provider ensures data security by constantly updating the safety protocols. One example of a data security protocol can be setting complex alphanumeric passwords.

Best Tally Performance

Are you satisfied with your Tally performance? Your Tally performance can further be improved with Tally on Cloud. Tally on Cloud boosts your tally performance and improves the quality of the user’s working experience with Tally.

Negligible Downtime

Downtime is the time spent for maintenance of server or backups etc. This downtime comes down to a very negligible amount and hence the user's work remains uninterrupted. Tally on Cloud ensures your Tally is well maintained with top class security and also ensures there is negligible downtime for its maintenance.

Tally On Mac

By default, we know Tally software can only be run on Windows operating systems. But with Tally on Cloud, you can use Tally software on any device. All you will need is an active and stable internet connection. Most business owners use Macbooks and now they can also use Tally for decision making or to create strategies using Tally data.

Reduced Expenses

Working with Tally or any other on premise software will require you to have an IT team that makes sure your software is running properly and in case if there is some problem, it is fixed at the earliest. With Tally on Cloud, you will not require an IT team as all Tally data is saved on cloud servers which are managed by the service provider. This reduces your overall expense for hiring an IT team and also it cuts down the server maintenance costs. Other areas of savings are electricity costs, hardware costs, etc.


External factors may sometimes influence you to scale down or scale up your manpower. Tally on Cloud is a scalable service and can accommodate more users or reduce the number of Tally users as per your needs.

Subscription Based Pay Model

Tally on Cloud allows you to stop the subscription of Cloud when not needed and resume the services when needed. This allows you to decide whether to continue or stop the cloud service. Thus you pay only when you are using the service

On the Go Sales

Tally can be accessed from any device and thus when you are on client location, you can still access your Tally and check stock availability. And thus you can take orders based on the availability as shown in Tally.

Tally on Cloud when compared with Tally on-premise has many benefits and thus more and more users are moving to Tally on Cloud. All these benefits can take your business to the next level.

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