3 Ways You Can Boost Your Tally Security, Performance and Reduce Overall Costs

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3 Ways You Can Boost Your Tally Security, Performance And Reduce Overall Costs

Tally is being used by over 2 million users worldwide. This is mainly due to its usability, simplicity, flexibility, and ability to adapt to unique businesses. Tally is mainly a business management software and thus businesses are almost completely reliant on Tally for their day-to-day functioning. Thus it becomes essential for businesses to make sure all Tally data is safe and Tally performs well at all times.

With increasing data it is possible in some cases Tally slows down or its performance deteriorates. There are many reasons for this like not having proper structured data or data not being split, etc. You must contact your Tally support partner to understand why exactly your Tally might be performing as it used to before.

There are many other ways you can boost your performance, upgrade your Tally security and also reduce your overall costs simultaneously. Here’s how -

Tally On Cloud

Tally on Cloud, as you know, allows your Tally to work online and thus gives you the flexibility and convenience to work from anywhere and at any time. Tally on Cloud also helps boost your Tally performance. It saves your Tally data on external servers. Tally responds quicker with Tally on Cloud. Along with boosting performance it also keeps your Tally data safe. It ensures your Tally data is backed up from time to time. Cloud service providers also keep your data safe from viruses using Antivirus and other safety protocols. When Tally is online, the data is saved on cloud servers which are maintained by the service providers and hence the cost of server maintenance is eliminated completely.

Tally Prime Server

Tally Prime Server is an enterprise-level product that boosts your Tally performance. It is a Tally solutions product that is recommended when Tally starts lagging and has concurrency issues due to the huge amount of data. Tally Prime Server has security features like it encrypts data paths so that data is hidden from miscreants. It also provides a data control and monitor feature that makes sure data stays confidential and is protected at all times.

Beyond Tally

Tally has many features that support businesses. All these features are designed in a way that it satisfies the basic needs of micro small and medium enterprises. Some businesses want advanced features and may want Tally to support their business uniquely so that the business can make optimal use of Tally and reduce the overall and long-term cost of a business.

Some features like automatic, scheduled backups, document attachment in Tally, GST email reminders from Tally, Tally integration with other digital platforms, and much more can be added in Tally. These are some of the most commonly asked-for features in Tally. Many such features can be added in Tally to automate redundant tasks and improve productivity.

In conclusion, every business can level up their productivity with the help of Tally. Every repetitive business function can be automated through Tally. This not only boosts productivity and work speed. it also decreases the overall cost of businesses. Tally Experts like Antraweb can help you understand the scope of automation in your business using Tally. You can call Antraweb to get to know the possibilities in Tally.

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