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Tally on shared cloud

Cloud services are of many types like shared, private and hybrid. You decide the type of service based on your data and business requirements. A shared cloud is one of the cheapest types of cloud service. Many Tally users use Tally on a shared Cloud. If you are one of those users, there are some risks associated with the shared cloud that you must be aware of.

Top 6 risks of using a shared cloud storage

Unknown users on the network

On a shared cloud, there are many unknown users on the network. If any one of the users does not take proper security measures, and any virus or hacker enters the server, all the users on the cloud are at risk of being infected. If you take proper measures, this situation can be avoided but a private cloud is always preferred mainly due to this reason.

High traffic might disrupt services

Shared cloud is mainly used by businesses with very less online traffic and who are aware they may never exceed the limit. But if yours is a growing business, and you are determined to grow your online traffic, you may need to re-think the decision to use a shared cloud for your Tally and other purposes.
Also if other users have not considered their website traffic at any point the traffic exceeds the limit, the server might experience downtime which will in turn also cause your server to stop working and hence putting your office work on hold till the problem is solved.

Not flexible

Requirements change with time. Not all requirements are predictable but means should be made to keep the infrastructure flexible. If not, your business can miss out on business just because the infrastructure is not available. When you use a shared cloud, purchasing additional cloud space can become expensive.

Even worse, when the requirement for extra cloud space arises, and the cloud service provider does not have enough vacant cloud space, you may not get any cloud space. Thus affecting your business operations. This can prove to be a major setback for your business as you may also lose out on business.

Unauthorised access

On a shared cloud, sometimes it is possible for other users on the cloud to access your data if proper security protocols are not followed or if there is a technical glitch. This may prove to be fatal for your business. Such a risk must be avoided at all costs.

Lack of ownership

Firstly, while purchasing cloud, you must make sure you purchase cloud services from a good reputable cloud service provider. Secondly, make sure you read all the contracts of the service. There are many service providers that state in their contracts that the data on their cloud is co-owned by the cloud service providers.

This clause can cause your data to be unsafe and accessed by third parties. There is not much that can be done once the contract with such a clause has been signed. This type of cloud service can be used for data that is not confidential.


Downtime is inevitable in a cloud environment. Most of the time the downtime is due to poor internet connection. But sometimes, if the cloud service provider is not good, you may experience bad service. To avoid this, it is best to look out for a good service provider, who keeps in mind its client’s working time and accordingly keeps all software and tools up-to-date. This will ensure you remain unaffected.

Tally on a shared cloud can be risky for your business. It is important to invest in a cloud service provider that is known for the quality of their services and not a service provider that provides the cheapest solution for your business. Secondly, you must always read all the clauses and terms and conditions of the proposal. And thirdly you must always ask about the risks that are associated with all the different types of cloud services the service provider offers. This will keep you well-informed while using the cloud for your Tally.

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