Befikr Business Karona

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Befikr Business Karona

Background - Covid-19 has brought businesses to a standstill. But overcoming this situation is not as difficult as it seems. This blog will suggest few ways in which you can continue your business.

But, presently due to COVID-19, work from home is the only way out for businesses to function in most parts of India especially in the financial capital of the country i.e. Mumbai. COVID-19 has made businesses get out of their comfort zones and adopt the lesser common way of working.

Previously, companies did not have the infrastructure to deal with the scenario of working remotely. Also getting the required IT infrastructure to work efficiently from home meant more expenditure which companies were not willing to make as they never imagined working from home would soon be the only way out.

But today after months of being on a complete lockdown, a city like Mumbai and many others, has had to adapt to this situation. Few businesses, have already started working with the help of cloud technology and few other software that help in working remotely. COVID-19, made businesses realise, the benefits it gets over other non-functioning businesses while working remotely. One of the biggest concern of business owners is the data security in this way of working.

Befikr Business Karona at these challenging times of Carona by adopting efficient IT software and with the guidance of a helpful software service provider to guide you through difficulties. Here are some tips -

Data on cloud

This is the very first step towards working remotely. Cloud technology allows you to access your data from anywhere i.e from any device and at anytime. This gives you the freedom of working 24/7 irrespective of where you are. It allows employees to work on data simultaneously and also get real time synced data. This ensures error-free working. Every business uses different software for example SAP, Tally, Zoho, etc. Different software may have different cloud services like SAP has HANA Cloud Platform, Tally has Tally on Cloud and Zoho is a cloud based software itself.

Thus you must go for a service that specializes in the software you use.

Employee Communication

Communication and co-ordination is the key to make working from home successful. Miscommunication may lead to efforts and time getting wasted. To start with one of the most commonly used tool is Google G Suite containing Gmail, Hangouts for internal communication, Google Meets for video meetings, Calender, etc everything to ensure business communication flows smoothly. Similarly there are many software like Slack, Trello. Duo, etc. to get the internal communication moving.

Data Security

Keeping data secure from theft and viruses is another challenge for a business while working from home. When employees are working from home on their personal computers, mostly the operating system is not updated and the antivirus may have expired and thus the data can be be exposed to various virus threats. One way to ensure data security in such a situation is to give access through remote desktop tools like Antra Remote. It gives virtual access to your office system without physically having to bring your office system to your home.

Employee Motivation

Motivating employees and uplifting their moral is becoming more and more important as we get deeper into the work from home culture. Timely meetings ensures all work is being done as per the set standards and deadlines. Loopholes can be identified and fixed. Most importantly appreciation and assigning responsibilities will boost employee morale and motivate them to work better. Meetings can be held over Skype or Google Duo and other video conferencing apps.

In conclusion, Corona or no Corona, Business Befikr Karona that’s the mantra. Businesses must not stop due to these challenges and must go on. Invest in some good software and tools to ensure work from home challenges can be dealt with.

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