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Don’t buy Tally on cloud until you know this

Tally on Cloud technology has been a saviour for many businesses in the current pandemic. Lockdown has forced companies to work remotely from their home space. Moving the office servers to cloud servers was the only option which could help company people access their data from home.

Many businesses faced the challenge of finding the right service provider which has expertise in moving & implementing the complete IT infrastructure on cloud but also handles the nitty gritty of Tally software, Tally TDL and Tally data on cloud.

How do I migrate my business data, applications, softwares and tally on the cloud?

Migration to Tally on cloud requires essential IT changes and good knowledge of cloud technology as well as Tally Software. You can consult Tally on cloud service providers like Antraweb technologies who will not only help in migrating the Tally software and data on cloud but also guide you towards security, performance, storage, monitoring and data management.

Who are the service providers of Tally on Cloud?

There are a lot of cloud service providers but we always recommend choosing the service provider who is an expert in both cloud and Tally domain helping you seamlessly migrate and also provide better support in Tally and Cloud incase of any difficulties in using the new system.

6 things to consider while choosing service provider:

1. They have Expertise in Cloud as well as Tally

A dedicated Cloud manager understanding your cloud requirements and guiding you towards optimum utilization of resources on cloud in terms Hard disk, RAM and core requirements.

2. Provides Guaranteed performance

We give optimal server configuration for better performance of Tally, compared to your existing On-Premise.

3. Has a Support team handling Cloud & Tally Queries

The provider should be able to recommend solutions and provide end to end support on all the areas like Tally Invoicing and printing, application updates, user policies and security, installation of windows software etc.

4. Provides Data security and recovery

Basic and advanced Security modules along with 2-factor authentication. Follow best practices in terms of data security like strict password policy, centralise backup system, handling Anti-virus etc.

5. Handles downtime & delays

In case of any software corruption/failure the provider should be able to re-setup the server with the latest available backup in a minimum amount of time.

6. Provides Invoicing and remote printing facility

The provider should ensure seamless functioning of Tally for Remote printing/scanning, Digital signing and integration with other softwares as well.

First of all, what is cloud?

Cloud also known as Cloud computing means storing and accessing data softwares, and applications over the internet instead of your computer's hard drive.

With the hit of Covid-19 pandemic across the world, technology like the cloud really helped save lots of businesses from collapsing as many businesses shifted their business operations remotely to the cloud.

By hosting softwares, platforms, and databases remotely on the cloud, it helped owners, accountants, finance and operational teams to remotely access their business data, applications and other softwares stored in the cloud using an internet browser.

What is Tally on Cloud?

Tally on cloud is actually hosting and remotely accessing Tally software and Tally data on the cloud server over the Remote desktop connection or internet web browser instead of accessing it from your office premise.

Tally on Cloud has acted as a boon for companies who proactively took steps to change their mindset and working patterns from on premise to remotely on Cloud. They not only reaped the benefits of seamlessly working remotely at affordable price but also get access to their data 24*7 from anywhere and anytime which was not possible from their own local premises.

Top five benefits of using TallyonCloud

Reduced IT Cost:

    - Saves the upfront cost of purchasing, managing and upgrading the IT systems.

  • reduce capital expenditure cost
  • reduce downtime costs

Guaranteed Performance:

  • 24*7 availability of data
  • Use Tally.ERP 9, now known as Tally Prime, Tally Server 9 now known as Tally Prime Server seamlessly
  • Remotely Print invoices and MIS reports, send emails effortlessly

Data Protection and Security:

  • Use advanced security features that guarantee that data is securely stored and handled
  • Data Protection such as authentication, access control, and encryption
  • Have complete visibility and control over your data from your users
  • Monitor and manage Users policy


  •  It enables enterprises to quickly scale up/down their IT according to business demands
  • Seamlessly  increase your cloud capacity without having to invest in physical infrastructure
  • Access to Automatic updates on software

Disaster Recovery:

  • Data Backups 
  • quick data recovery for all kinds of emergency scenarios -- from natural disasters to power outages to virus attacks

Switching from Local on premise to Tally on cloud reduces the burden of buying servers, updating applications or operating systems, or decommissioning and disposing of hardware or software when it is out of date, as it is all taken care of by the Cloud Provider.

Comparison between Tally On Cloud and Tally in your office premise

Understand the core benefits of moving to cloud from current on premise infrastructure.

Tally in Office Premise Tally on Cloud
In-house server On Cloud Server
LAN - Client Server architecture Remote Desktop - Centralised architecture
One-Time capital Investment Monthly | Quarterly | Yearly Subscription (Pay as you go)
Expensive Capital Expenditure Low resource cost
Difficult to  add new resources when required Easy to upscale & add resources whenever required
Require dedicated IT team for support Limited or no  IT person and stable internet connection
Access data in office premise only 24*7 Data available. Access data from anywhere, at any time and any device like Mobile, Laptop, tab etc.
Pay for unused storage resource Pay only for what you use
Unsecured and no protection against Data theft or fire Designed to protect from data theft or fire
Monitor backup of server and client systems Data backed up automatically and instantly
Old Softwares and applications Latest Softwares and applications

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