Tally integration with SAP and other Business Intelligence software

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Tally integration with SAP and other Business Intelligence software

Integration is simply the exchange of data between software for better comprehension of the available data. Data plays a vital role in critical decision making. Every business with more than one source of data collection will reach a phase wherein it becomes unmanageable to manually derive reports or insights from data from different software. Also, in many business setups, there are sales partners or distributors in the case of a manufacturing company. In both the mentioned scenarios, having an integrating tool becomes vital for both internal data transfer as well as external data transfer from different vendors.

Today there are many business intelligence software available that make use of artificial intelligence to give business insights purely based on the data made available in the software. For such software to give a sharp insight into the business, it must have as much data as possible and also accurate data. If incomplete data is provided or the data is inaccurate, then the insights may not be useful for the business. The usefulness of the software may get compromised. 

Data accuracy is possible when the database is error-free also, the user must ensure the data being received from other software or vendors is error-free. If the data transfers are made manually or through a buggy tool, the insights given by the BI tool may turn out to be useless. Thus BI software users must invest in an automated integration tool that allows smooth and error-free data flow from Tally to business intelligence software. Here are some very well known and reputable business intelligence software available. 


Businesses have various sources of data including internal - having two or more software as well as external - data from vendors and distributors. SAP BI (Business Intelligence) software collects data from all these heterogeneous sources and provides insightful reports that help in better business decision making and forecasting. Tally is a storehouse of detailed business data including cash inflow, cash outflow, inventory details, bank statement and a lot more details. When this data is integrated with SAP BI, it gives businessmen the power and support to make the right decisions for their business. It makes the decision making the task easy by transferring data in real-time as well as exchanging data accurately leaving no room for errors.

Oracle BI

Oracle BI is a great tool that presents data in a visually stunning analysis. It supports its users to take well-informed and faster decisions. This software requires financial data like different types of business transactions, moving inventory data, etc to create a forecast or a report that will help the user to understand the trend and forecast, take a decision based on the past data. These reports are impossible to create without data. Businesses that use Oracle BI, may also use Tally in the backend to create entries and may also have various distributors who may be using Tally for recording transactions. Thus Oracle BI users must have an Integration tool that allows error-free data export from Tally to Oracle BI. 

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is another powerful tool for decision making. It is a famously used software for data insights and analytics that are sure to blow your mind. Beautifully created reports that include comparison reports making understanding your business a cakewalk. These visually stunning analytical reports are created using the business data that is sourced from different software like Tally or any other software. Since Tally is a commonly used software, the chances of the need to transfer data from Tally is very high as most distributors prefer to use Tally. Tally integration tool is an investment you must make if you use Microsoft Power BI.

These are the top 3 business intelligence currently being used in India. While these power tools are amazing for reporting and getting insights about the business, they need detailed and accurate data. This data can be provided by any vendor, retailer or distributor using software like Tally. And the accurate error-free flow of data is possible only through the Tally integration tool. A one-time setup that provides you continuous movement of data from Tally to these BI tools.

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