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What does it mean to customise your Tally?

Tally is known for its flexibility and adaptability. Due to which today, there are so many businesses that use Tally. If a software is flexible, why customise it? Customisation is the process of adding new features or editing what is already available. Some businesses are unique and have a special requirement. To satisfy these individual requirements, customisations are made in the form of an add-on or solution booster or simply some customisation in the existing software features.

Tally is made keeping in mind the basic needs of a business. If Tally users want some feature that is not available in the basic license, they can get it customised by an authorised partner of Tally Solutions.

Common customisations are turned into plug and play add-ons which can be installed quickly. Here are a few commonly used add-on customisations.

Default Tally has a backup process that is manual and hence human-dependent. Many businesses try to keep their backup process system-dependent. Such companies look for an automated backup system. Tally Smart Backup++, along with cloud backup is an automated backup system in Tally that keeps your Tally data safe from various data hazards. Learn more about it here.

Transactions, along with their supporting documents, is a preferred way of accounting. While using Tally for recording transactions, you can attach the supporting documents along with the Tally voucher entry using the multi-file attachment add-on. This customisation is beneficial for all types of businesses. Learn more about it here.

A digitally signed invoice is considered the safest type of online invoice. This is because it cannot be tampered with by any unauthorised person. One can quickly identify a tampered invoice as the digital signature will become invalid. This add-on is an excellent tool for all businesses that believe in digitisation. Learn more about it here.

Sending SMS through Tally is a great way to notify customers regarding the progress of an order. SMS is an excellent tool in itself, but it becomes even better when used with Tally. This add-on is used by many businesses to improve their communication with their customers. Learn more about it here.

These are add-on based customisations. Few unique customisations are done as per the customer request. These customisations are done to improve their efficiency of work. There are many Tally Partners who claim that they can customise your Tally, Always lookout for an experienced Tally partner while purchasing any add-on or customisaton as these customisations may affect your Tally performance if not done properly.

There are few things you must consider before getting customisation in Tally.

  • Customisation must always be done by an experienced Tally partner
  • Always ask for guidance before going for customisation. There are many features in default Tally and there are chances the customisation or features you're looking for are already available in Tally
  • Quality of customisation – If the customisation quality is not good, it may cause a breakdown in your software or frequent Tally slow issues
  • Scope for migration – Tally releases new updates often. You must make sure your customisation can be migrated
  • More than a Tally partner, look for a long term growth partner who will always help and guide your business as long as your Tally is being used
  • After customisation support service - after sales support is the key to successful implementation of a software especially in a customisation process

Tally customisations are unavoidable and also must not be avoided. Growing and expanding businesses will have new needs as they grow. Avoiding customisation might smother your business growth and employee productivity.

Antraweb has been guiding its customers for more than two decades regarding customisations. In case you are having second thoughts about whether you should customise your Tally or not, you can ask us. You can read more about Tally customisation here.

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