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Did you know that an average company loses 10% of its customers each year?

Leading marketing consultants estimate the cost of acquiring a new customer at 5 to 10 times the cost of retaining an existing customer! Do you believe that effective Customer Relationship Management is important for the growth of your business? In today’s highly competitive business environment, you just can’t afford to let your customers forget you. Regular discreet communication with your customers and business associates is necessary not only for growth, but even for survival!


Tally SMS plugin is a unique CRM tool that helps you Stay-in-Touch with your customers, distributors, dealers, resellers, agents, other business associates and even your employees in a very cost effective manner using the powerful medium of SMS communication. With Tally SMS, a low-cost add-on module, your existing Tally erp 9 Accounting and Inventory software also becomes a powerful marketing tool.


Keep your Customers, Dealers, Selling Agents or your own Sales team informed about New Product Launches, Features, Product Updates or Stock Positions.

Instantly inform your Customers as soon as you record important transactions in Tally like Material Dispatch or Cheque Receipts.

Politely Remind your customers about Overdue Bills. Send sms Reminders to a Single Customer or Bulk Reminders for all overdue bills together with customer selection option.
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You can purchase additional SMS Packages to continue using the SMS Module. We offer various SMS Packages at a reasonable cost. Click here to view the SMS Packages.



Voucher Notification

The Voucher Notification Feature allows you to instantly inform your customers as soon as you record an important transaction like Material Dispatch, Cheque Receipt or Cheque Bounce

SMS Setup Feature

The SMS Setup Feature allows you to choose from a range of SMS Gateway service providers offering stable services at most competitive rates. allows you to create and manage Unlimited SMS Lists in Tally and quickly send any SMS message to them.

Overdue Bills Reminder

The Overdue Bills Reminder Feature allows you to send Polite Reminders for overdue bills to your customers. These can be sent either one-by-one or all together for all Overdue Bills with option to Select or De-select individual customers.

Tally Addons

  • Tally Sheet Magic – Excel based report Writer

    Construct your own reports in excel using data from Tally without programming knowledge. Also Convert your existing Excel report formats into Sheet Magic reports.

  • Tally ERP 9 Multi File Attachment

    Attach multiple files along with your financial transactions & retrieve them at your desk. Share documents by email and improve internal operations & customer service.

  • Smart Backup++ for Tally ERP 9

    A smart system which will resolve your Tally backup issue. Ensures no need for human intervention & eradicates the chances of someone forgetting to take a backup.

  • Tally ERP 9 Audit Trail with Voucher History

    Track the complete history of a transaction since its creation followed by multiple alteration. A complete log of Inventory & ledger entries maintained along with Rate & Amount.

  • Tally ERP 9 Transaction Authorisation

    Authorize vouchers before it reflects the books of accounts. Set levels & rights based on Amount & type of transaction. Revision & Rejection option available. Classy dashboard !!

  • Digitally signed invoice in Tally.ERP 9

    With the vision of digital India, our country is heading towards digitalization where the information are made available to individuals electronically by empowering digital…

Tally Mobile Addons

  • Business Dashboard App

    Bizeye Business Dashboard for Tally is a Mobile app  for Top bosses or Business Owners who uses Tally.ERP 9 & wants to be regularly updated with the key figures which depict their current progress.

  • Customer Profiling App

    A Tally.ERP 9 Mobile App that does a complete profiling of the customer & presents it to you in a simple & organised way. Now customer business data Available on Android & iPhone !!

  • Trans Approval App

    Identify & Define  critical transactions based on values for verification & approval. Get the transactions in the mobile app on real time. Check & Approve them before they are executed.

  • Sales Order Booking App

    An app guaranteed to improve efficiency of your sales team. Includes Order & receipts booking, outstanding management, customer profiling. Works on iOS and android devices.

  • Business Audit App



    Coming Soon !