Advance Transaction Level Security in Tally

Advance Transaction Level Security is one of the most popular modules amongst Tally users. A must-have module for any multi-user Tally customer, where the user has to be restricted for the creation/alteration of a specific voucher type.

E.g.: “X”, a person from the sales department can be restricted to creating a Sales Order only. Once created he cannot modify it. The modification rights can be given to “Y” who is the sales head, but he may be denied creating new orders.

In this way, every user is given the right to access and edit only that part of the Tally data entry for which he/she is responsible. This ensures there is complete transparency and responsibility of data entry in Tally. 

Salient Features

  • Tally Data Security
  • A user can be restricted to create a specific voucher type
  • On activation of the module Tally will not allow any entry or alteration of the voucher unless the rights are given. The administrator can then create users and allocate them rights for the creation/alteration of voucher
  • Simple screen for allocating the rights
  • Allocate rights at the time of creating a new voucher sub-type
  • Changes of rights are simply possible but only by the administrator
  • Get a detailed report of user actions

Some Commonly Asked Questions-

Who is this module best suitable for?

Advance Transaction Level Security in Tally has proved to be highly beneficial for companies having more than 1 Tally user. We suggest you must have Advance Level Voucher Security if you have 4 to 5 and more users.

Why should you invest in this module?

When your Tally data security and data integrity are affected and when you're unable to track your Tally user activity, you must consider Advance Voucher Type Level Security.

How Can I Get To Know More About The Product?

There are many features in the module that have been developed after understanding user behaviour. To get to know these intricate details, you can book a demo with us by filling up the Enquiry form.

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