Tally ERP 9 Matrix Magic Addon

An analysis tool for management to have a 3 dimensional view reporting based on the data in Tally. The tool is capable of generating matrix reports based on fields (standard & user-defined) in vouchers. Facilities for creating user-defined fields in vouchers with pop ups and create MIS reports based on the same. Use a matrix to display data and summary information. You can group data by fields in row and column groups.

Matrix Magic provides functionality similar to crosstabs and pivot tables. The tool can be used to generate a matrix which grows horizontally and vertically on the page. Values in matrix cells display aggregate values (like quantity, amount, margins or any user defined value field) scoped to the intersection of the row and column groups to which the cell belongs.

Salient Features

  • Entire tool in Tally. No external software required
  • Facility to create own fields and enable it in vouchers. The same can be used as business objects in generating matrix reports with any other internal business objects or other user defined business objects
  • Create and save your own report templates
  • Filters for business objects while reporting
  • Create reports using only certain voucher sub type
  • Categorizing /grouping Business objects and construct Reports on the same
  • Comparing business objects over various periods
  • Reports on non financial transactions (Memo vouchers)


  • Eg Salesman V/s Stock item quantity sales report. Create a matrix report with dimension ”Salesman” in the row & dimension “Stock Item” in the columns. The third dimension is the value you need to display in the matrix cell. Let it be the “quantity”.
  • Eg Business Type V/s Region sales amount report. Create a matrix report with rows as “Type of Business” & column as “Regions”. The figures required in the matrix cell can be sales figure (quantity or amount or both). You can generate the report from sales invoices or sales order. Both can give different report as “not all sales order are converted into sales invoice”.

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