Smart Backup++ for Tally

tally smart backup

Business data is the crucial element from Small to large scale industries. It is very essential to protect the crucial data for all types of industries from accidental loss, system crash and data corruption. Today, people tend to forget or neglect to take backups of crucial data. If such data gets corrupted it becomes difficult to recover causing major loss of time, efficiency and cost to the industries. Such Industries require the automatic backup system which takes the backup of the company data on daily basis.

Smart Backup++ automatically takes backup of your important tally data both in local and offsite location(FTP) at regular intervals. It safeguards your company data by rapidly restoring the backup during system failure or data loss, bringing your business back to normal operations.

Automatic backup eradicates the chances of negligence to take backups manually. It starts the Tally Application automatically without any human intervention and takes the backup automatically without keeping the Tally application on.

A Smart Backup++ will permanently resolves the Tally backup issue from Multiple locations or folder of the system. It includes compression of data files in zip format reducing the time, size and storage cost. We can track the period,location, status of backup’s uploaded and Reason for failure, if any in the Log Report.

Salient Features

  • Simple Management of Tally backups.
  • Flexibility of storage in local or offsite location.
  • One Click installation.
  • Automatic backup of data without opening the tally application.
  • Backup can be taken from Multiple location or folder.
  • Company data path can be fetched automatically from the tally.
  • Backups can be schedule at regular intervals or on daily basis.
  • Backup file’s compression to zip format.
  • Manual and Auto Deletion of unwanted backups.
  • Backup and restore Log reports for administrator.


  • ControlCase
  • Balram

    Manager - Finance Accounts

    Control Case India Pvt.

Smart backup ++ ensures that the backup is done daily. It removed the every day worries of Tally Backup.

  • GPOffset
  • Mr. Subramium

    Sr. Acountant

    G P Offset Pvt. Ltd.

Smart Backup++ has permanent resolve my tally backup problem. We can now also the track period and location of backups. Without opening Tally, with the help of log report we can know the backup status.

  • PopularSwitchGears
  • Nirmal Shetty

    Sr. Acountant

    Popular SwitchGears Pvt. Ltd.

Smart backup++ has multiple path for data source. Backup can be planned at different time and schedule. Email/ sms notification is available. Backup can be taken locally as well on cloud as per our requirement.

  • Scitech
  • V.P. Panchal

    System Admin

    Scitech Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Smart backup++ is very useful to take automatic backup without interrupting Tally. It provides facility of smart notification via email and SMS.

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