Why 'Excel to Tally Import Utility' Is Better Than Manual Data Entry?

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Why Excel to Tally Import Utility  Is Better Than Manual Data Entry?

There is no doubt we all are moving towards automation. We use washing machines and dishwashers to save time spent on manually washing clothes and utensils. The time saved is then used in a more productive chore that may be more skilled and more human-dependent. Similarly, progressive businesses try to automate all tasks that involve redundancy.

Data entry is a repetitive process that involves 90% of repeated tasks. Every successful business ensures most of its repetitive tasks are automated. Data entry is a key process in Tally. Data entry in Tally is a continuous process and every entry has to be accurate.

There are many different sources of data that need to be fed into Tally. To name a few, you get data from e-commerce websites, CRM software, and other software and websites. Most of this data can be exported into a .CSV or Excel sheet. These entries can then be imported in Tally manually or can be imported using Excel to Tally Import Utility which is mostly automatic and requires minimum human intervention.

Here’s how entering data in Tally using Excel to Tally is far better than updating it manually.

Error - Free Data

While entering data in Tally for storing your data the chances are there are errors in it somewhere because human beings make mistakes when typing things into computers manually – whether intentionally or unintentionally. By using Excel to Tally, you don’t have to worry about such errors because our software does not allow any human intervention during the process of importing data from excel sheet to tally software.

Better Reporting

Reports aid decision-making. Data entry facilitates better decision-making by providing accurate data for the reports. Automatic data entry ensures error-free data which in turn supports better decision making.
With automatic reporting tools like Excel to Tally, you can get all your accounting information in one place which makes it easier for you to analyse and reach conclusions easily. You will not have to worry about missing records or incorrect entries because your reports will be error-free and consistent at all times.

Optimise Human Resources As Per Skill Sets

Excel to Tally can help you optimise your human resources as per skill sets. When you're running a business or organisation, it's important to assign tasks based on people's strengths and weaknesses. For example, if someone is good with numbers but has difficulty with spelling, then they should be assigned data entry tasks that involve numbers rather than words.
Excel to Tally automates your repetitive work of creating entries from excel to tally, which hardly requires any skill. The time saved here can be used to complete some other skill-based activity.

Quick and Efficient

Another advantage of using Excel to Tally is the fact that it reduces errors due to human error during manual data entry processes. This means that your company saves time and money because there's less need for corrections and re-entries into the system. If you're looking for an efficient way of processing large amounts of information without compromising quality control or accuracy, then Excel to Tally Import Utility may be just what you're looking for.


Excel to Tally no doubt is time-saving. It imports all entries in just a few clicks. Since all entries are accurate, there is no need to re-check and re-work the entries made. The saved time can then be used for other important tasks as per the person’s skill sets.

Easy to Use

The Excel to Tally software is very easy to use even if you have never used any accounting software before. You just need to follow some simple steps to get started with the tool.

Cost Saving

The cost of creating bulk entries from an excel sheet manually in Tally is time-consuming and expensive. It is expensive since depending on the size of the bulk of entries to be made, manpower will be used. The cost of manpower is usually one of the biggest costs to a company. Excel to Tally creates these bulk entries in Tally in no time with minimum human intervention.

Promotes Productivity

Productivity can be ensured when all process lags and wastes are eliminated. With Excel to Tally, you can save time by automating repetitive tasks and focusing on more important tasks in your business. You can also spend less effort on administrative work like entering data into spreadsheets or databases, which allows you to focus on higher-value activities that will drive growth in your business.

Excel to Tally makes it easy to upload data from Excel to Tally. It takes out the hassle of finding and correcting errors in your data. It automatically sorts out the data and does all the hard work for you. With Excel to Tally, it will be easy for you to accurately store your accounting data. You won't need an extra person or another hand to make corrections in the already entered data.

Excel to Tally is a great tool and a must-have for businesses that deal with bulk entries in Excel sheets.

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