Why is Excel to Tally tool a must-have for businesses today?

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Why is Excel to Tally tool a must-have for businesses today?

Accurate data is vital for businesses to understand their customers better. Tally is a storehouse of all the business transactions and other customer data. Transactions are recorded for statutory, marketing and operations purposes.

In the competitive and dynamic Indian markets, most businesses, believe in being available on different digital platforms to have maximum reach. Different platforms like E-commerce, physical shops, online advertisements, social media, website, etc are some common platforms where a growing business is available for its customers.

Businesses use different software to record transactions at different platforms and may want to consolidate all the transactional and other data in Tally. Excel To Tally is a tool used by such businesses to automatically import data from different software to Excel and then easily import this excel data into Tally.

Here’s why we do not recommend moving of data manually from other software to Tally -

Data inaccuracy

Human errors cannot be avoided. Automation is important in tasks that are more prone to error. Data import is one task where there are higher chances of human errors. Businesses cannot afford errors as this transactional data needs to be sent to the government for statutory purposes. And thus automation is the key to avoid this problem get error-free and accurate data in Tally in just few clicks with Excel to Tally import tool.

Time consuming

Importing data manually is no doubt a time consuming process. This process can be completed using Excel to Tally tool automatically without any inspection by the employee. This allows the employee to carry out other human dependent tasks that may not be automated. Thus finishing business work more quickly and efficiently.


This whole process of importing data can be completed automatically in a few minutes. Manually an employee may have to spend hours of time depending on the amount of data that is to be transferred. Also after spending hours, one cannot assure the data is error and duplication free.


All it takes is a few clicks to move data from other software to Tally with Excel to Tally import tool. Manually, businesses will spend hours of productive human hours over this redundant task which can be easily avoided. It is costly as it may cost you productive labor hours that could have been used is some other task.

All these problems have one solution which is automation. Excel to Tally allows you to move data automatically with negligible human intervention. It is not only automatic but also quick and efficient.

Ask us more about Excel to tally import utility here.

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