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Affordable way of boosting your tally performance

Businesses have been using Tally for years now. Since 1989, the year Tally was founded, many businesses are still using Tally. It has stayed and has grown along with businesses worldwide.

Every software, after years of usage may require an upgrade or a boost. Similarly, Tally too may require some upgrade due to huge amounts of data being saved in the software on a day to day basis.

So, how do you boost the performance in Tally?There could be many reasons for Tally running inefficiently or slow. Identifying the cause is key to solve the issue. Many times, Tally performance can be improved simply by upgrading the hardware or some other IT related solution.

There could be many reasons for Tally running inefficiently or slow. Identifying the cause is key to solve the issue. Many times, Tally performance can be improved simply by upgrading the hardware or some other IT related solution.

We recommend you read this article on why your Tally could be running slow.

A quick consultation with your Tally provider can easily help you identify why your Tally performance is not optimal and whether you must upgrade your Tally or there is something you can do externally to improve your Tally health.

One way of boosting Tally performance is by using a powerful Tally server called Tally Server 9 now known as Tally Prime Server. This Tally Server improves Tally performance by giving it the power of concurrency. It creates a multi-thread system in Tally which answers multiple user requests simultaneously. Thus eliminating the waiting time and boosting Tally performance.

Other than concurrency, Tally Server 9 or Tally Prime Server, also provides other helpful features like increased data security, reliability. Read more about Tally Server 9 / Tally Prime Server here. Tally Server 9 or Tally Prime Server is considered to be a costly solution by most SME businesses and is seen as a last solution. For such businesses that need a Tally boosting solution as well as do not wish to spend much, can opt for Tally on Cloud instead of Tally Server 9 or Tally Prime Server.

Other than boosting Tally performance, Tally on Cloud has some amazing features -

Tally works 2x faster

When a software works on a PC i.e. offline, it uses PC memory. Once the software is moved to cloud, the PC memory is not used and hence the software works faster and more smoothly. Tally on Cloud works in a same way and hence it supports better Tally performance.

Save costs

A lot of cost is saved while using Tally on the server is maintained and managed by the service provider. Maintaining the server includes daily upgrade, checking anti-virus systems and making sure backups are in place. These tasks involve costs which are borne by the service provider alone.

Better security

The service providers are experts in data security and management and thus they ensure all security protocols are followed so that the business does not lose data. They ensure data remains out of various data hazards like viruses data theft, etc.


Many cloud service providers make sure all data is backed-up from time to time automatically. Thus in case of any data related issue, the data can quickly be restored. Auto-backup is a recommended practice while handling important data. With cloud or without cloud you must have an auto-backup system in place. Check out our Smart Backup ++ addon in Tally which provides zero human intervention i.e completely automated backup.

Negligible downtime

Most software have a downtime which is usually for server upgrades or backup , etc With Tally on Cloud, your will experience almost zero downtime. Thus giving your work maximum productivity.

Real time data

Tally on Cloud allows you to work from anywhere and anytime. All employees working on Tally can work from any device and from any location. They get real time data as they work on it and thus they can continue working on inputs given by another team from a different location.

24/7 Access

Tally on cloud allows you to access Tally data from anywhere and at anytime. Thus you can work in a flexible manner as per your convenience. As per a study, 40% candidates looking for a job prefer a flexible work schedule. This proves that a flexible work schedule can improve work performance since a happier employee will always perform better.

Work from anywhere and at anytime

The primary function of Tally on cloud service is to provide users to access Tally from anywhere and anytime. Default Tally allows you to access Tally from only the PC in which the license is installed and other Client PCs. Some users may require the flexibility of work from anywhere at anytime and thus the need for Tally on Cloud rose.

Thus we can see how Tally on Cloud is not only an affordable way of boosting your Tally performance, it also has numerous very valuable features at a very low price. Ask us for a quote to know the price at which we offer Tally on Cloud. You can also read more about Tally on cloud here.

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